Friday, September 30, 2005

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

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I'm old. I used to be pumped up watching something as phenomenal as this. Sad to say, I slept though a good part of the middle of the movie. But that's not the reason why I blogged this. Anyone who's played any FF SHOULD watch this movie. Personally I didn't like FF: Spirits Within. I slept through that, too. But I'm sure if I wasn't sick when my brother popped the DVD in the player, I'd have been wide awake and as giddy as any kid watching his favorite cartoon.

I'm pretty shallow when it comes to plot analysis and crap like that. That's just not for me. Don't expect an engaging story, too. If you're looking for that, go watch a TV series (like the exceptionally-done Full Metal Alchemist). Movies always seemed rushed to me.

Watch FFVIIAC. The only regret I had was dozing off on it. But I've watched it a good four times since Monday. ^_^

Daemonic Scrivenings, 6661

My brother, Koi, bought me three blisters of Chaos Furies. I'll be working on these as soon as I get my other pair from Arvin. Played last Saturday at Galleria. Here's a rundown of what I can remember


Vs. Emcee's Bretonnians

Emcee used an unusual build - he dropped Questing Knights and Grail Knights and opted for lotsa Knights of the Realm and a Trebuchet. It was Emcee's first game against my KDL, but we've locked horns before at 40K. I'm sure he's familiar with how I play. Having Ryan as my constant WFB opponent, I got used to playing against Bretonnians. The staple of Bretonnian characters these days seem to be Questing Knights with Great Weapons and Virtue of Heroism - hefting in at S6 and can Killing Blow Large Targets such as my Bloodthister (I should surprise them with my old Undead army one of these days). But it's a welcome challenge. Outmaneuvering and out-thinking the enemy is better than just dice-chucking and relying on cheeseball army lists. And Emcee is definitely one of the better generals. I'm sure he'll be ripping me apart as soon as he gets his grips more on WFB.


Vs. Carlos' Vampire Counts

With the latest White Dwarf out, Carlos used the special character, Heinrich Kemmler. And what a spellcasting monster the new Kemmler is! And what's worse, there I was with just two dispel dice! The game was decided by bad positioning for both of us - he had bad positioning for Kemmler, I had bad positioning for my Bloodletters. It was a fun game nonetheless. I hope I'll be more physically prepared next time I play (Top tip: never go on a Warhammer marathon if you came from a late shift at work!).


Vs. Lesther's Wood Elves

This was my first game against the new edition Wood Elves. And this was by far the most entertaining game I ever had for quite some time. Wardancers in WFB had a bad rep since Tiny baptized them with the Sexbomb theme. Seeing Les sing and dance while his Wardancers whipped and slashed their blades was absolutely hilarious! It was costly for him though, since he deployed at the 12" edge. I got into combat on the second turn with my fast units. I was wary of how he might use his tree singing spell to block my charges. I'd have to counteract that tactic with a salad bowl of my own.

Journal of a Warmachinist, 8th Entry

Sorscha is about finished. Basic Khador color scheme, the same as the one in the Escalation rulebook. Varnished and snow-flocked. Just needs the grass flock I did on the Destroyer.

Did some initial work on the Juggernaut, too. A bit dynamically-posed as compared to the Destroyer. Tried on some battle damage on this one. Hope it works.

Will be getting Apotheosis and NQ#2 later this afternoon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nurgle Doth Blesseth Thee

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. That's what caused my brother, Koi, to cough up a blood-smeared phlegm blob. Thrice. Waking up early in the morning to see my brother rasping to utter unintelligible words knowing that all three of you had fever the previous days was certainly more than enough to kickstart you into action without caffeine.

I love my brothers. I love all my siblings. Heck, I love my family! I may not show it often (if ever at all), but I'd happily take a bullet for any of them. It was all a selfish blur before. Separation can really do something to a person. Nothing is taken for granted, despite whatever advancements technology offers us.

All three os us, Koi, Jei and myself, all suffer from sporadic episodes of lethargic fever. These two say their throats hurt. I know mine hurts when I try to gulp or swallow. But not when I drink Coke or Nestea. I'd rather be up and about, because I feel worse just lying down, bedresting.

I accompanied Koi to Delos Santos Hospital along E.Rodriguez to have him checked up. The people there ran an x-ray on him. The result came out negative. Thank God! Then came CBC (Complete Blood Count) test. Nothing out of the ordinary, too. Whew! Doctor surmised that there was indeed something irritated in the throat area. My bro was prescribed meds, and we went home. I think now Jei's up and about, out with Trixie. Koi's in COC, playing computer games.

I hope the fully recover very soon. Now all I gotta do is keep the house as clean as I can.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Journal of a Warmachinist, 7th Entry

My current beta test standing: W0 - L1 - D0

I have revamped my 500-point list. I would have settled with a Juggernaut instead of a Berserker, but I just won't have enough points for the Kovnik (which replaces the Manhunter, too).

Sorscha's Battlegroup
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Sorscha • Destroyer • Destroyer • Berserker

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Winterguard Mortar • Winterguard Mortar • Kovnik


Update 2005 September 16, 4am

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Tried several shots to get some detail on Sorscha's face, but obviously I need to work the cam better. Also started work on the Juggernaut. ^_^

Monday, September 12, 2005

To NMM or not to NMM

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I need a concensus from you guys. Do I keep doing the NMM method on my Warmachine, or do I stick to the standard metallic paints? Please post reasoning and discussion on this topic. Thanks.

For those who don't know NMM is an abbreviation of Non-Metallic Metal. It's a method used to emulate the shiny-ness of metal on a 3d miniature model but without using metallic paint. Unfortunately, my paltry attempt at NMM resulted in a flashy shading of brownish-yellow, as seen in the picture above. All you non-Warhammerers, non-Warmachinists, non-miniature hobbyists can comment, too.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Home Away From Home

Cliche' but you do value something only when you know it's going away. Yesterday would be Cheryl's last day as part of our team. Despite the fact that she's not moving THAT far away, things will STILL be different. All we gotta do is just roll with life's punches.

Good times ^_^

This is the family that adopted me. And despite whatever petty bickering we may have, we're still family. My home away from home. ^_^

Friday, September 09, 2005

Journal of a Warmachinist, 6th Entry

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Khador Destroyer (Queen's Royal Elite)

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Not only is it my first Warmachine model, it's also the first one I did with NMM.

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Putty-work on the dreaded Khador gap. Still needs a bit of detailing. Top tip with Khador models: basecoat and paint the inside of the "hood"; I've ruined a fine-detail brush because I forced to reached the inside of one that I didn't paint earlier on.

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The next project: Khador Juggernaut.

At long last, I can display the model here LOL! I've been swamped with too much responsibilities that I put painting way down on my list. The Destroyer may have been rushed a bit more than expected, but it came out OK I guess.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


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Something I whipped up with Adobe Photoshop CS and a WACOM tablet. Just trying something non-traditional as influenced by a great co-worker ^_^

Monday, September 05, 2005

Journal of a Warmachinist, 5th Entry

Sorry, no pics yet. Will get to it when I'm able.

Did some major work on the Destroyer's body since my last entry. You'll be seeing some freehand, too. I also superglued the bombard arm (which lacks some finishing touches on the gold NMM). I sealed the model with Vallejo medium gloss varnish and matted it with Testors Dullcote (spell check). It was fun at first to see the warjack all shiny and glossy, but it looked better when dulled.

I hope I get the Sorscha base soon. I'd be more inspired to finish when I get the warcaster done first. Ah well...


Additional entry, 7 September 2005 1555h

I've decided to go on ahead and numbercrunch a 1000-point list. Here's what I'll be expecting:

• Kommander Sorscha
• Winter Guard Mortar x2
• Manhunter x2
• Destroyer x2
• Juggernaut
• Kommandant Irusk
• Eiryss
• (4) Widowmakers with Kapitan
• Kodiak
• Reinholdt
• (9) Winterguard with Sergeant
• (6) Doomreavers with Lieutenant

Saturday, September 03, 2005

My Little Green-rimmed Mirror So Close Yet

Oskar Schindler was a noble man. A hero. So says the Steven Spielberg movie. Yeah I've just finished watching it. And I must say I was moved. It was years ago when I first saw it. I can't remember much of the movie. Having watched it, it finally made sense.

Goddamn fucking six million people murdered.

And yeah, you may be a basketcase, but I think I've fallen on my face again.

I've always humored at never being a good ruler or president. For fear of being a Hitler. Although now, assassination attempts can be easily arranged. Heck, I can even be bombed easily nowadays. But despite all those threats, is progress really worth it? At the price of being chained into abject slavery... er service, everyone gets to contribute at helping a nation prosper.

Is it lust? Is it love? Or is it the sweet balance of both? It feels like the sweet balance of both? So bite on the goddamn apple already!

Fear would be a great factor to that. And the best way to instill fear into the hearts of your subjects is to let them know that you can kill each and every one of them at your slightest whim. Or kill those near and dear to them. Such will guarantee unquestioned obedience.

I wonder what's up in those thoughts. Is there any sexual tension there? Or am I just imagining things?

Of course, make a complete turnaround and put yourself on the shoes of those being oppressed. I would rise up against the tyrant despite facing death. Better to stand up and fight than live life crawling, mewling and begging like godforsaken maggots.

In the end, there should always be balance. One must know when to show compassion. And when to be an asshole.

Make the first move. Just make the first move. And everything will be alright.