Monday, May 28, 2007

For the coin!

Well, I can't say I did my best on that last Total War 2 tourney because I lost my last game against Carlos. I blame no one else but myself for that loss, and it was because I did not follow one of the prime rules of war - to know thy enemy.

There stood my warcaster, confident that her feat can freeze up all of the Temple Flameguard in front of her. Then I learned right then and there that they have an ability which prevents them from being frozen. Like what I posted on the other forums, it does seem stupid for me to buy the rulebooks but rarely get to read them.

I can say I may have been too complacent, or too worried of domestic issues, or just plain too tired. Or all of the above. I'll just charge it to experience and do better next time. It was such a dumb way to lose.


I took a break at the Howling Griffons painting project and started to make a Khadoran outpost instead. Barby helped me so it's really cool and sweet of her. It's very much like Alfonso Falco's Khadoran outpost in the No Quarter issue 3, but I left the roof off so I can place models on top of it (cough... cough... Widowmakers... cough). Then I realized there're some rule discrepancies with elevated models and such. I already posted a query about that on the local RHGC forums. Hopefully I get an answer that clarifies things before I continue.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Painting Competition: The Underpaid and Overworked

From Arvin on RHGC:

The backbone of any battleforce is made up of the underappreciated trooper. To showcase these normally overlooked units, we will hold a painting competition featuring units only from the Troops and Core choices. A player may enter one(1) unit from either the Troops selection for 40K or a Core choice from WFB. Vehicles, Terminators, charoits, warmachines, monsters and diorama entrees are not eligible.

Further details TBA


I've decided to enter this competition with a five-man squad of renegade Howling Griffons. The fluff behind that is that this particular company fell to pride and vanity, discarding the ideals of the strict Howling Griffons and turning to Chaos, applying their martial prowess and taking extreme pride with their victories.


I have skimmed through several White Dwarf magazines and have settled on taking a different approach to basework - urban-themed bases. I have already started with the five bases which I'll mount the models on.

1. I superglued five slotted bases on a used Globe callcard, making sure I glued the bases on the back of the callcard (the one with the silver rub-off part). This is so that I can get the smooth surface for the base. I also used Greco as my adhesive (a new favorite, no more Loctite or Bulldog for me).

2. After a few minutes and making sure the superglue had already dried, I carefully cut the bases with the callcard surface using a utility cutter. I had originally planned to sand off the rough edges with a rotary tool, but going at them again with the cutter worked fine, too.

3. For added texture on the base surface, I sliced several thin strips of plasticard and some paperclips. I also glued on an old resin Terminator arm (or what's left if it).

4. After all the glue has set, I spraybombed the five bases with Bosny Flat Black.

Sorry, no WIP pics. Will post what progress I can make tonight. Seventeen more days until submission.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Any Cost Of Blood Or Steel

"We shall bring victory to the Motherland at any cost of blood or steel. Let every loyal citizen make it their mission that whatever our price, the enemies of Khador shall pay tenfold." - Queen Ayn Vanar XI

On this day, May 19, 2007, in a Rumble (500 points) that shall forever be remembered as Total War, the heroic Ian "Kim" Navarro stood victorious against the enemies of Khador.

For time eternal shall this great warrior's name be etched alongside the legends of the past who have distinguished themselves in battle in these Iron Kingdoms.

I have been in the hobby of miniatures wargaming since 2000. I have been playing WARMACHINE since 2005. It was last Saturday that the first ever Press Ganger-sponsored tournament was held in the Philippines. And it is with equal pride and humility that I received the title of first WARMACHINE/HORDES Tournament Champion.

Thanks to Raymund Tesoro for hosting the tournament, and to Hobby Haven for the venue. Also to Tiny David, Lance Tan and Fred Escalona, my opponents in that tournament - for playing your best game, and making all the battles played memorable.

Until next time we meet at opposing ends of the table.

+++ I get that nifty Khadoran victory certificate, with a fancy silver foil seal. I also get some special cards of the models I used in that tourney.

Of course I hope I set a good example to all WMPHers in the community. I also hope I have done you guys proud ^_^

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Overdue, Over The Rainbow

Updated Google ads and entries on WARMACHINE Philippines and the RHGC blog, propped pics from last Weekday Warrior session.

Did an insane amount of work for the Eleksyon 2007 microsite. The servers are choking up because of the traffic, but it'd be nice for you guys to click over and see what I do in real life.


Here's our newsroom during the whole thing LOL~

This last pic I grabbed from Sir Joe's First Draft. He's one of my bosses but he's pretty cool. He's been blogging longer than me I think LOL ^_^

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Got an email from Fred Escalona. Attached were pics from way back, shots from Hobby Haven during many of the gaming sessions there. Good times!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Light That Blinds

Meme'd from Jojo's Delusions of Grandeur. I got a spider. Pretty nifty ^_^


Me, Kei and Mando went on this Alay Lakad thing last Monday night. Evidently, it was one of those religious pilgrimage things. Feast of the Birhen dela Biyahe I think it was called. There were a lot of people. Some even came from far-off provinces just to show proof of their devotion. We, on the other hand, cheated LOL! Our walk started from Galleria at around 10pm. But like I said, me and Kei were bloody unprepared. Years of sitting on our fat asses and suddenly up and about on a LONG walk just equates to unthinkable pain. Oh and what unthinkable pain it was! We were laughing and heckling all the way though, so it wasn't bad at all. Heck it was great. It was like bonding at a different level.

Kei was ribbing off on how he guaranteed he wouldn't go if Mando would be able to convince me. But the flaw of his plan there was he didn't inform me. And so when Mando called up and asked, I thought it'd be fun and didn't hesitate to agree LOL!


Pinned the banners on Lesther's Exemplar Sensechal and the big spear on the Guardian. Will try to finish the MOWDC Kapitan before the week ends.