Monday, October 30, 2006

Howl's Moving Castle

I'm never one for fairy tales. I've long given up on the notion of "happily ever after". But I guess once in a while, I let my guard down. I definitely enjoyed watching Howl's Moving Castle. Yeah it's got fantasy and mush, plus it's got lotsa "what-the-hell-is-that?!?" elements.

From the looks of the art, it's like Nausicaa. The quality of production was top notch! Miscellaneous background animation and character design, all of it contributed to burning the whole image of HMC in my head.

Even more strange that besides the lack of blood, sex or violence, I STILL liked it. Yeah it's safe, you can watch it with your kids or better half, too.

`Tis the season to be... scared sh*tless

`Tis the season to be... scared sh*tless
Pork's Birthday Bash at da Shak!
My Nerd Score

I believe that in one point or another in one's life, we'll experience something unexplainable, something hair-raising, something that one can only attribute to the supernatural. And surprisingly, all that comes out during this time.

I, for one, have a healthy respect to the unseen. We know they're there. And who knows, we might end up like them? And as far as I can remember, the only thing REALLY scary that involved me is watching horror flicks on DVD.

But something did happen last week.

The new GMANews.TV office is now located on the 6th floor of the GMA network building. And unsurprisingly, I still try to stay over. I'm used to sleeping alone at workplaces (it happened in Destiny, it happened in UniGroup, it happened at the frat house, and it happened in Cabrera - I don't think I'm about to change that LOL). Anyway, it was Thursday night. Sir Joe was just finishing up his work, winding down and watching Debate's final episode. I just went back up from the canteen downstairs when Sir Joe decided to leave for home. I was already in the initial motions of DOTA when Sir Joe came back.

The main glass doors that led to this hallway was locked.

That's weird. I just came from passing those doors a while ago! We both went back out and checked the doors. Indeed they were locked (or jammed, but we didn't wanna force it since it was glass and we might end up breaking them). WTF?!? By this time, Sir Joe was already joking about scary stuff while we headed down the fire exit to get some guards to open the doors.

+++ OK it's not enough to scare the crap out of you. But I guess you've never spent the wee hours on a floor all alone.

Besides, when the guard came up to check the doors, one was indeed locked. He said he's the only one in charge of the keys and he didn't lock them. The other door was just "stuck".

Honestly, I think the guy was just high. Or drunk. His eyes were red. And alcohol smell can easily be covered up by someone who's expected NOT to drink during duty, right?

Still, the experience afterwards was scary. The floor was all to yourself. Impossible for someone or something unseen not to share the space with you, right? LOL! Happy halloween, boys and girls ^_^ [top]

Pork's Birthday Bash at da Shak!

I went to da Shak around 5pm earlier. Evidently I was the first one there. It's been weeks (I guess a month already now) since I last saw these guys. I spent weekends at home or with my old LSQC buds. Pork was his usual self despite adding on another year on himself.

Lito arrived shortly later and shared his WFB exploits. It's been months since I last saw this guy, much less played against him. He seems to be doing well with his Tomb Kings. And more so, he seems to be in high spirits with both 40K and WFB. I decided to show my support to the event he's hosting this month by playing this weekend at his Makati office (I hear Obi and Ricky and some other WFB players will play there).

Emp also arrived. I hear he also has his personal exploits the past weeks of gaming inactivity. And like me, he, too, hasn't had his hands on the latest WM shipment. He also mentioned that Fred just got discharged out of the hospital earlier, which is a good thing.

The rest of the boyz dropped in afterwards ~ Obi, Jubay, Beefcake, Garrick ~ while ensuing some serious spaghetti massacre. Good times!

Earlier I got to chat with Koi, Jei and even Trixie. We'll be together very, very soon. Jei'll be bringing the PS2 (less time to paint gaaah!) and I can have people over once we fix up the house.

I also got a nice heads up on my work sked. I'd be on a regular 8am to 5pm, but I can still stay over like what I normally do. Then just file in vacations where I have to be here. I also sneaked in Kage's old sleeping mat, which I'll be using until I save up for an inflatable airbed. I'll also be helping Jaemark store some of his stuff at home.

Jake, Obi and Beefcake also paid me a visit here at the office. Well, at the 711 downstairs though, since I don't think I could've had them come inside. They personally delivered the Superiority rulebook here! That was great of them. Had some small hobby talk, too.

And surprisingly, even if I didn't have enough decent money to get through the weekend, I managed to finish painting my Old Witch of Khador and her Scrapjack ~ which, if I do say so myself, came out pretty good. Maybe I can get pics up soon. I also did some work on my Spriggan: laid down lots of the red on it.

Despite the funky-ass title, this has been a very good start of the week ^_^ Time to pass it forward then. [top]

My Nerd Score

Bloghopped on Yvette's Adventures in TV Land and found one of those tests. I just had to know mine LOL!

I am nerdier than 43% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

And more from Yvette (astig ito LOL!):


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Feel the change

Yeah it's official. The GMA News webteam is now on the 6th floor of the network building. And yeah, it's another wave of changes and adjustments for me.

I tried my first night sleeping here. I dunno if I was all alone on the 6th floor and I couldn't care less. The floors are goddamn cold, and my sleeping mat wasn't moved here along with my other stuff. Maybe I can just sneak in a heavy blanket or something. Using a big cork board to stave off the floor's biting cold was a better alternative than sleeping on chairs, which is just bad for my back.

I got a nifty space beside a wall, and the only one that can basically see my monitor is the guy behind me.

Moving also meant that our access to the servers have to be reset. And lo and behold, any update I had to do yesterday meant that I had to go up to the 12th floor and squat on Jaemark's computer. It was kinda funny how one update turned out because my boss had to channel the corrections through mobile phone while I was on someone else's computer. Hassle sobra but it was worth the bother afterwards.

Ah well, roll with the punches.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Ah yes. One of the most badass storms that hit the Metro. Yeah a lot of people died and more got injured. And a lotta property was trashed. Frankly, to those who whined and still continue to whine, I couldn't care less.

It's true. A lot of the whiners always complain to the government, saying this and that. Again, I don't care.

I have come to a point that I have embraced apathy as a virtue, and have nature decide who's weak and who's strong; and have her thresh out those who aren't cut out to living on this ruthless planet.

I got hit with a lot of bad shit on that last storm, too. But whining won't get me anywhere. Anything broken, have it fixed or fix it yourself. Again, if you have no wil for it, then just be blown away by the storm.

No one can't afford to be naive or to be unprepared. And if circumstances do catch you, deal with it.

If your solution in life is waiting for your goddamn prince charming to come prancing with his pretty horse; or wait for some miracle to drop from the fuckin' sky, then you deserve the misery.