Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blogging Hiatus

No updates. Still fiddling around with that PHP for the ranking. Enjoying painting and modeling more than playing. Got to play Hard-level songs in Guitar Hero. My cavy's are both dead.

Live chat with Francine Prieto and Maureen Larrazabal tomorrow. It's Francine so there.

Be back whenever.

Monday, September 17, 2007

RIP Mark "JC" Lim

Yeah, we'll see you when we cross the fold, too, dude. You'll be very much remembered.

The best memories I have with this guy is his non-sugar-coated sharp-witted snaps. Everyone knows his own flavor of articulate remarks.

I've only played against him twice in the sporadic moments that he does play. It was both in 40K, his Grey Knights against my Necrons. Yeh I got owned both times LOL. Looks like our rematch will be later on, my friend.

The Game

The WARMACHINE/HORDES (WMH) momentum has picked up in the past few months here in the Philippines. I am indeed glad and proud to be one of the pioneers of the game in this country, but as with any gaming community that's growing, disagreements of varying degrees appear. As if fighting make-believe battles weren't enough. Luckily, said disagreements are very minor.

As I've observed, there are players who prefer laid-back casual gaming, and there are those who prefer tournament-style competitive gaming. The "disagreement" occurs when tourney players insist that the more casual gamers follow the tourney standard; or when casual players drag out the time during their turns in a game (something that tourney players value). Some players stay away from the stressful timed turns in tourney gaming. Some players dislike the scenarios laid out in the rulebooks or the official Steamroller format. Some dislike playing against opponents with unpainted models. But all of these are familiar issues from any miniature wargame.

Don't get me wrong. The said disagreements are not full-blown fights. Some players just do not play against other certain players because of contradicting standards. But for me who can play casual or competitive, that is something I really have a concern for.

Time Limits

Officially printed in WARMACHINE Prime Remix, it says there that 500-point games have a 1-hour time limit (an hour and a half for 750 games, goes for both WARMACHINE and HORDES). In Mang's current tourney setting, 500-point games dictate a 7-minute limit per player turn. In more casual settings, some games last for three hours even for just 500 points in playing an assassination run or objective win.

I do know some players who refuse to play tournaments even before the 7-minute/turn concept. I do know some players who take at least a minimum of 15 minutes even before activating his first model.

In tournament formats, players can always choose to join a tourney or not. But in a casual format, crossing the boundary between standards can be tricky. A player who trained himself to complete everything his army can dish out in 7 minutes will have his patience stretched if he's fighting a casual player. Alternately, a casual player will have fits if a tourney player is prodding him unceasingly to hurry up and finish in just a few minutes.

My suggested solution for casual games: Mutually agree with your opponent whether or not you are playing with time limits before bringing out your models. If your opponent doesn't agree with your suggested time limit, make some sort of compromise. If in total disagreement, just go look for another opponent and respect your opponent's choice.

When playing at my place: I will have a sports timer there so I strongly suggest (if not enforce) an additional 30 minutes over the time limit in the book (1 hour 30 mins for 500-point games, 2 hours for 750-point games).

Additionally, a player should limit his turn to a maximum of 15 minutes. If models are not activated during the end of the time limit, they are considered to have activated but have done nothing (no movement, no action). If a player is resolving a model or unit's activation at the time the limit is called, he should resolve the model/unit's activation and end his turn immediately afterwards.

These resolutions for time limits are the most fair I can come up with for casual gaming.

My suggested solution for tournament gaming:As for tournament gaming, organizers will always have final say in how they run tourneys.

I do suggest a timer for each table, but that would be costly to the organizer. Proactive minutes for players would be more fair, i.e. if it only took you 2 minutes to finish your first turn, your second turn should have 12 minutes, and so on. Maybe later on we can have something like this.


As many of us have our roots in miniature wargaming from Games Workshop's Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, it is normal to compare both. There has been significant difficulty by some players in adapting a chosen WARMACHINE or HORDES faction to fight (much less win) in certain scenarios as laid out in official Steamroller scenarios.

In casual gaming, this is alright since most just dust off and fight another day (sometimes another game right afterwards). But in tourneys, it bears a lot of weight since there's money involved. And to some, dropping P250 is easy, but others' pockets aren't as deep.

Some stick to Steamroller scenarios strictly, and frown on custom scenarios. I would understand, as I assume SR scenarios have been playtested and approved to be as balanced as can be by the makers of the game itself. But does it mean playing custom scenarios aren't worth it? I disagree. I do agree with Mang testing out various scenarios during his tournaments. It may be a pocket risk to some, but then again, no one is being forced to join any tourney anyway. Others frown on the official Steamroller scenarios (most notably Killing Fields) for many, many reasons.

My suggested solution for casual games: Same as with time limits, mutually agree with your opponent as to what scenario you'll play. They may be from official tourney scenarios or custom scenarios, or even tweaked tourney scenarios. Just try to have fun while trying your best to win.

We're all used to making a come-on-all-takers list with WFB or 40K, and doing such is a bit more difficult in WMH. In the book, players do should decide what scenario to play first before making a list. It may mean that you'll be carrying a cabinet-load of your minis wherever you go if you're that intent on making such a broad spectrum list though.

When playing at my place: I will have a copy of the rulebooks at home, plus the latest Steamroller tourneys, plus I had the Summer Rampage scenarios bound. I also have No Quarter magazines with special scenarios in them. There will be very little in the way of a lack of scenarios at home.

However, I do suggest playing Summer Rampage scenarios. IMHO they are more balanced.

My suggested solution for tournament gaming:As for tournament gaming, organizers will always have final say in how they run tourneys. Yeah they do.

Tournament Scene

Some think tourneys are the end-all of the game. But since we all live in an imperfect world, there can never be a perfect tournament. Some will complain of venue. Some will complain about entrance fee. Some will complain about time limit usage (or lack thereof). Some will complain about scenarios or special rules. And being in the Philippines where complaining has been raised to the level as art, it's worse.

The game may continue to stick around even without tournaments, but it is the tournaments that spice it up.

To organizers, I suggest switching between formats and attract the different mentalities of players. Mang is already doing this one, considering timed tourneys and casual campaigns. Other people can readily setup their own tourneys with their own standards. I'm sure you won't find it difficult to attract participants since we all wanna help each other out anyway.

To players, I suggest to play tourneys, even the ones you dislike. You may learn a few tricks here and there, plus you break the monotony of your usual casual gaming. AND you may teach yourself to adapt to the community's current tourney scene.

Parting Shots

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that as players of such a small community, we should all practice common courtesy. You cannot have your way all the time, but bottom line of the game is for all players to have fun.

Nobody wants to play with an asshole, and with such a low number of players in the community, a rep of being an asshole spreads quite fast. Sayang naman ang ininvest mo sa pagbili ng miniatures, diba?

Peace ^_^

Sunday, September 16, 2007

For the Motherland: Battles

Dark Prince Vladimir Tzepesci wins over Baldur the Stonecleaver (Obi) via forfeit
500 Pendulum, 9/15/2007 Kim's place

The Butcher of Khardov loses to Warwitch Deneghra (Joel) via forfeit
500 Crossed Lines, 9/15/2007 Kim's place

Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff wins over Grand Exemplar Mikael Kreoss (Les)
750 No Man's Land, 9/15/2007 Kim's place

Dark Champion Vladimir Tzepesci wins over Lord Commander Coleman Stryker (Ryan) via assassination
750 No Man's Land, 9/14/2007 Hobby Haven

Karchev the Terrible wins over Chief Madrak Ironhide (Kei) via assassination
500 No Man's Land, 9/14/2007 Hobby Haven

Kommander Sorscha loses to Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (Mang) via assassination
500 Invasion, 9/8/2007 Pitshop Tournament

Kommander Sorscha wins over Iron Lich Asphyxious (Fred) via objective
500 Invasion, 9/8/2007 Pitshop Tournament

Kommander Sorscha wins over Baldur Stonecleaver (Chris) via objective
500 Invasion, 9/8/2007 Pitshop Tournament

Kommandant Irusk wins over Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight (Mike) via assassination
500 Pendulum (old), 9/8/2007 Pitshop Tournament

Old Witch of Khador wins over Kaya Wildbourne (Les) via victory points
500 Invasion, 9/1/2007 Kim's place

Kommandant Irusk (Heavy Winterguard) wins over Chief Madrak Ironhide (Kei) via forfeit
500 Divide and Conquer, 9/1/2007 Kim's place

Butcher of Khardov draws to Baldur Stonecleaver (Chris)
Undetermined scenario, 8/27/2007 Pitshop Tournament

Butcher of Khardov loses to Pirate Queen Skarre (Doclance)
Undetermined scenario, 8/27/2007 Pitshop Tournament

Butcher of Khardov wins over Chief Madrak Ironhide (Kei)
Undetermined scenario, 8/27/2007 Pitshop Tournament

Butcher of Khardov wins over Lord Tyrant Hexeris (Patrick)
Undetermined scenario, 8/27/2007 Pitshop Tournament

Kommandant Irusk wins over Commander Stryker (Ryan) via objective
500 Twister, 8/20/2007 Kim's place

Kommandant Irusk (Iron Rain) loses to Chief Madrak Ironhide (Kei) via forfeit
500 No Man's Land, 8/20/2007 Kim's place

Butcher of Khardov wins over Kaya Wildbourne (Les)
Undetermined scenario, 8/19/2007 Kim's place

Butcher of Khardov wins over Kaya Wildbourne (Les)
Undetermined scenario, 8/19/2007 Kim's place

Kommander Sorscha wins over Lord Tyrant Hexeris (Patrick) via assassination
500 Moshpit, 8/17/2007 Hobby Haven

Kommander Sorscha wins over Chief Madrak Ironhide (Clemence) via assassination
500 Invasion, 8/17/2007 Hobby Haven

Kommander Sorscha wins over Lich Lord Terminus (Emp) via objective
500 Killing Fields, 8/17/2007 Hobby Haven

Butcher of Khardov wins over Archdomina Makeda (Chris) via objective
500 Pendulum, 8/17/2007 Hobby Haven

Kommander Sorscha wins over Commander Adept Nemo (Ryan) via objective
500 Invasion, 8/11/2007 Hobby Haven

Kommander Sorscha wins over Iron Lich Asphyxious (Fred) via assassination
500 Invasion, 8/11/2007 Hobby Haven

Old Witch of Khador wins over High Exemplar Kreoss (Les) via assassination
500 No Man's Land, 8/4/2007 Kim's place

Kommandant Irusk wins over Chief Madrak Ironhide (Kei)
500 Killing Fields, 6/30/2007 Kim's place

Kommandant Irusk wins over Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight (Mando) via victory points
500 Invasion, 6/23/2007 Kim's place

Kommandant Irusk wins over Hoarluk Doomshaper (Kei) via forfeit
500 Mosh Pit, 6/23/2007 Kim's place

Monday, September 10, 2007

Record of Llael War

Trollbloods on the rampage! Chief Madrak Ironhide has been leading crushing attacks against the west fronts of the Circle Orboros and Protectorate of Menoth!

Splinter Cryxian forces reported clashing against each other! Iron Lich Asphyxious, Lich Lord Terminus notably vying for assault rights on the weakened Llaelese states!

Khador still recuperating from the failed assault on Rhydden! Kommandant Irusk amassing large contingent of Khadoran military poised to retaliate southern Menite holds!

Cygnaran military recuperating from various skirmishes on its border! Reinforcements reported on its way! Heavy warjack production increased in Cygnar!

+++ So far, here's how the map looks like after all the games we had at home since the 20th of August. New participants are considered raiding forces and will have their presence felt as soon as they get their best-of-three win against anyone of us.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WIP 090705

Got some work in on models at home.

The Fell Caller got some OSL plus toned Trollblood skinwork. He'll be needing some grass flock and varnish to finish him off. Kei needs to transport this better though.

Barby helped with a lot of the reds on the Iron Fang Pikemen. My first squad will be dunked in brake fluid to remove the stupid thick paint I tested on them. This one will be finished real soon. I'm still thinking how to personalize each IFP model though. Maybe add some battle trophies and rank markings or something.

The Winterguard will also be done soon, too. But that stupid standard bearer is giving me a lot of problems. The pole itself is soft metal. So it was only a matter of time before the heavy metal flag broke itself free from the pole. I'll be prepping it up with brass rod and just green stuff a new right hand on the damn thing.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Take It Easy, `Foo!

Now that I've got a chance to have a breather, I can finally get to update my blog. Several things happened already and I hope I can remember those:

WMH Tourney at Pitshop

Congratulations to Doclance for winning the recent tourney at Pitshop/Petstop. The feat charge of Bane Knights were mind-numbing! I will make no excuses, it was a good loss for me.

Me and Kei will get a free bottle of P3 paint, I think, for joining, so it's nice! Plus I get a P500 blister of something. Right now, I just don't know what. Maybe a Manhuntress.

Domestic Tragedy

I lost a cousin the past week. His name's Jonnel. We're not that close. Not close that the most conversation we ever had was a casual nod of greeting. I dunno. Maybe I'm afraid we couldn't have some common ground of interest. But it's all late for that. He passed away at Ate Aileen's birthday bash at a beach somewhere in Iba. Something dumb happened in the water and he didn't make it. We received news about it in the evening that he was missing and the family was afraid that he drowned. Me not knowing all facts assumed a lot (maybe he ran away, or maybe he got kidnapped). But sad thing is, he did drown. He was buried yesterday and in the midst of all the crying relatives, my twisted perspective just wished him good journey because, after all, he is free of any tribulations in this mortal world.

The Smell Of Metal

Tremendous WMH momentum at home. Now I have to paint and assemble a lot more stuff in addition to my Khador LOL. S'all good, gives me a chance to paint and play other factions that are parked at home. The list includes a growing stack Menoth and Circle models, the Trollbloods, and a Legion of Everblight starter. Walang magrereklamo kung matagal matapos ha? LOL!

More on the Hobby

I'm now finalizing the map I'll be using to track wins on the games played at home, kinda like a minicampaign (Bond rules stand of course).

Got to play using my Irusk Heavy Winterguard and Old Witch AD lists.

I played the Heavy Winterguard against Kei's Trollbloods in a No Man's Land scenario. I still have trouble with timing between Grigorovich and the Winterguard as I'd like the to have charged something. I ended up using CRA a lot with them, as Kei propped his Champions in front of the Winterguard unit. I would have preferred to see them if they can down one of his warbeasts though. In the end, I managed to remove his Fell Caller and Axer, both of which mess up Irusk's Inhospitable Ground. The turning point of the game was when my Widowmakers made the CMD check at 6. Kei would have won if they didn't. Quantum mechanics for you LOL!

I played the Old Witch AD list against Les' Circle in Invasion. It was insane! He made a block advance of his full Wolves and Druids on one flank, backed by a Totem Hunter. I propped my Snipingdeath squad on top of a hill and started sniping off his unit leaders, successfully routing the Druids. Running my Scrapjack and the Witch into position, I routed the Wolves with Murder of Crows and activated Field of Talons. Both units were forced to run on their Maintenance Phase, Field of Talons stabbing all fleeing models with POW14! Two squads vanish in fine red mist! It was wonderous LOL! I know THAT will never happen again. I'm just happy that I DID get to do it ^_^ And for a final move, Gorman dropped a Smoke over Zevanna; Zevanna teleported via Unseen Path from Gorman's smoke into an upkept Murder of Crows; measured control area; seeing opponent Invasion point is within her run range, Old Witch huffed it FTW!

I also taught Barby how to play. Not just some passing this and that. She wanted to learn the specifics so I did teach her. I just hope she doesn't get too much info overload. She already played two 350 starter box games before, but just surface basics. We'll be making a Menoth list, but she said not to buy models first. So we'll either proxy up stuff plus I'll just custom-build some models for her. I doubt she'll be playing any tourns any time soon anyway.

My plan to make more terrain at home failed. I ended up painting more instead. Since the Bokur is already finished, I want to finish the Pikemen squad. We'll see. I hope Koi buys me those Warhammer trees ^_^