Wednesday, August 22, 2007


- Warmachine Philippines is now two years old!
- Summer Rampage already finished
- Assembled Epic Vlad, painting around 65%
- Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition? WTF?!? Bloody good thing I haven't bought those expensive core books yet
- Assembled Lesther's Save Points (Orboros Stones)
- Assembled Lesther's Wolves of Orboros
- Repainted my Widowmakers, around 80%
- Too much work at the office, no nice layout


Hobby Haven 8/17/07

- Kim's Butcher x Chris' Makeda, 500pts SR3 Pendulum via Objective Chris was trying out Patrick's Skorne; 2nd turn win for me
- Kei's Madrak x Chris' Morghoul, 500pts SR3 No Man's Land via Assassination
- Kim's Sorscha x Emp's Terminus, 500pts SR3 Killing Fields via Objective Emp got to feel some Whoosh lovin' on my 2nd turn
- Ryan's Nemo x Nick's Rhyas, 500pts SR3 Assassination via Assassination
- Clemence's Madrak x Chris' Morghoul, 500pts SR3 Killing Fields via Assassination
- Emp's Terminus x Arvin's Butcher, 500pts SR3 No Man's Land via Assassination
- Pork's Ashlynn x Ryan's Nemo, 500pts SR3 Invasion via Concede
- Clemence's Madrak x Fred's Asphyxious, 500pts SR3 Assassination via Assassination
- Arvin's Butcher x Chris' Kruger, 500pts SR3 Pendulum via Assassination
- Kim's Sorscha x Clemence's Madrak, 500pts SR3 Invasion via Assassination Another 2nd turn win; Clemence feels the Whoosh; Snipe Death major contribution
- Fred's Asphyxious x Kei's Madrak, 500pts SR3 Killing Fields via Assassination
- Clarence's Madrak x Emp's Terminus, 500pts SR3 Killing Fields via Assassination
- Patrick's Hexeris x Pork's Ashlynn, 500pts SR3 Invasion via Assassination
- Kim's Sorscha x Patrick's Hexeris, 500pts SR3 Moshpit via Assassination No 2nd turn victory here; had to chop down all his beasts so that he can't transfer damage to them
- Kei's Madrak x Ryan's Nemo, 500pts SR3 No Man's Land via Objective

Kim's 8/20/07
- Kei's Madrak x Kim's Irusk (Iron Rain), 500pts SR3 No Man's Land via Concede My ace game did not pay off; Curse be to Madrak's magical tissue paper of doom!
- Lesther's Kaya x Ryan's Stryker, 500pts SR3 Killing Fields via Objective
- Kim's Irusk x Ryan's Stryker, 500pts SR `07 Twister via Objective Hard fought gamble with the twister right in front of my force; tied up Ryan with Superiority Kodiak and Inhospitable Ground
- Kei's Madrak x Ryan's Stryker, 500pts SR `07 Floodlands via Objective
- Lesther's Kaya x Kei's Madrak, 500pts SR `07 Dust Bowl via Victory Points

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Dice Tower

Thanks to Raymund Tesoro for the information on dice towers. I got surfing yesterday, hoping to buy that Chessex dice bowl/tray. I wanted to play without having dice scattered all over the battlefield. Plus, this thing prevents, ehem "engineered luck", too ^_^

What materials I used:
• Some thick plasticard (it's called high impact plastic locally; like in Joli's)
• Some thicker rubber foam (the ones I had left for making costumes for the old NMI Christmas parties)
• Loctite superglue
• Utility cutter
• Scriber (Got this from Quiapo during one of the Boyz' supply runs)
• Metal rulers (I have three at home, various lengths)
• Thick scotch tape
• Felt paper
• Yellow glue (Wood glue, dries faster and stronger)

There are a lot of plans for dice towers online, so just go surf for them. I was unlucky I did not have access to the office printer so I just winged it with this one.

BE VERY CAREFUL when cutting and scribing the plasticard. I had a lot of close calls last night.

Superglue will bond the plasticard pieces very well. Greco should be have a stronger bond, but harder prep time. I hope I had some Gel version of the Loctite glue I had. Ah well...

I padded the tray dice contact bottom with green felt paper because it was the only color I had at home. I would have preferred red of course (LOL). Then I sliced up some rubber foam and padded the bottom of the tray, as well as the inside walls of the tray.

The tower itself was just all superglue and tape. Hence the Orky look. But it works BWAHAHAH! I'll be taping on whatever stuff on it. Spraypainting would have been better, but I should have done that before gluing on the felt and rubber foam.

Well, it's in two parts, so it should be easy to carry around. No more scattered dice for me hehe ^_^


My blog's officially two years old now! Yey! That's a feat for me LOL! As always, gifts are always welcome ^_^

Monday, August 13, 2007

Small Place, Big Crowd

Attendance: Kim, Barby, Pork, Emp, Fred, Kei, Les, Ryan (special participation of Kim's Cavy pets - Buddha and Elizabeth)
Grub: Some chips, some Coke, some Nestea
Games played: WARMACHINE/HORDES, Guitar Hero, Bang!
Stuff on DVD: Afro Samurai, Highlander anime, Ranma Nihao My Concubine

Invite list got a bit bigger, with a great turnout, despite the sunny weather. Seeing as the guys who came were on the bottom rungs of the Summer Rampage campaign, we all celebrated Doclance's complete victory by just hanging out and enjoying pickup games and some Guitar Hero, LOL ^_^

Bang! brought out later in the afternoon (should have brought it out earlier LOL). Emp and Les rock on Guitar Hero! Pork and Fred raid Kim's FHM collection!

Game 1 750pt Invasion: Kim's Kommander Sorscha victorious over Fred's Iron Lich Asphyxious via assassination
Game 2 500pt Divide and Conquer: Emp's Lich Lord Terminus victorious over Kei's Chief Madrak Ironhide via victory points
Game 3 500pt Mosh Pit: Lesther's High Exemplar Kreoss victorious over Pork's Ashlynn D'Elysse via victory points
Game 4 500pt Invasion: Kim's Kommander Sorscha victorious over Ryan's Commander Adept Nemo via objective
Game 5 500pt No Man's Land: Emp's Lich Lord Terminus victorious over Ryan's Commander Adept Nemo via victory points
Game 6 500pt No Man's Land: Kei's Chief Madrak Ironhide victorious over Lesther's High Exemplar Kreoss via objective

Quotable quotes:

"Grabe. Malas talaga itong mesa ni Kim." - Kei, after rolling badly. Many times.

"Hindi itong mesa ang malas. Kahit nung sa isang tourney noon minalas ako. Basta merong black cloth, malas lagi rolls ko!" - Emp, after rolling badly also.

*loud insane maniacal laughter* - Pork, upon getting Indians and Gatling Gun at the same draw on Bang!

"Uy Bang! Concede na ako!" - Emp, while playing WARMACHINE with Ryan

Bang! Game 1: Sheriff (Kei) and concealed Deputy (Kim) win! Renegade (Fred) blown up by Dynamite! Outlaws (Pork and Les) Banged by Deputy sniping (hehe that big gun)

Bang! Game 2: Outlaws win as Sheriff (Kei again) blows himself up with Dynamite! Shortest BANG! game ever, LOL!


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Monday, August 06, 2007

New Blood, Old Blood

Instead of competitive Summer Rampage gaming, I opted to reintroduce some old friends into WARMACHINE/HORDES. On a smoldering Saturday afternoon, Ryan , Lesther, Kei and I enjoyed some WMH and Guitar Hero at home.

Ryan and Les would have arrived earlier were it not for Les' Ryoga syndrome. Kei would have arrived earlier if he wasn't caught up at work. Me and Barby had stupid headaches because of the stupid heat. To the rest, sorry I kept the invite list short. I only have a small house and I wouldn't be able to accommodate you all there. But I'll see what I can do next time, since I'm looking at fixing up the back area, too. Well, most WMH gaming was for SR anyway, puro fun games lang kami sa bahay, hehe.

All games were at 500 points, using Steamroller 3 format:

Game 1 Invasion: Kei's Madrak Ironhide victorious over Ryan's Commander Adept Nemo
- Kei won via objective, rushing towards the two control points
- Ryan fought his first HORDES battle; "Ang cheesy mo, Kei! Trollblood Champions pa lang tinitignan ko!"
- Centurion slayed DTM on one go, via massive 5 FOC attacks

Game 2 Divide and Conquer: Ryan's Commander Adept Nemo victorious over Lesther's High Exemplar Kreoss
- Ryan won via victory points at the end of the time limit (1 Knight Exemplar unit, half of the other Knight Exemplar unit, Exemplar Seneschal; Lancer)
- From YM: kreoss stayed behind two light jacks yelling "save me! save me!" in a girly wurly way.LOL

Game 3 No Man's Land: Kim's Old Witch of Khador victorious over Lesther's High Exemplar Kreoss
- Kim won via surgical assassination, combined attacks from Widowmaker snipes, Manhunter charge reduced Kreoss to 1 damage, and being charged by the Old Witch with full 7 FOC
- Snipe death all around!
- Lamentation renders Old Witch spell tactics useless


Fay decided on dropping her Blogspot and go for Multiply instead. She's enjoying herself in New York here.

All this time and I didn't know Binky had a blog!?! Stupid me! FHM couch chick has a lot of random thoughts here.

Doclance has his own blog now. He's blogging his WARMACHINE exploits, tips and tricks here.

+++ Woohoo! Pretty pics! Got Kei's digicam working so I'll be taking pics more now! You'll see more here from now on. Plus, I changed my blog links into pics of the authors. If you don't see your face there, send me a pic so I can thumbnail it ^_^

A few more days and my Karmic Backstab will be two years old ^_^ Great success!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pit Fight 2

Excerpts from the journal of Kyril Nedeljakov, Iron Fang Pikeman:

I now understand. Giving ground to the Trollbloods was just a ruse to lure out the Menoth warcaster Kreoss' forces. The ploy was a success. The forces of the Protectorate was divided. It was wondrous!

The repaired Juggernaut made extremely short work against the enemy Castigator. It cross the field with such speed and swung it's massive axe like it was not made up of soot-covered iron! But what struck it down was what seemed to be an effortless shot from Widowmaker Kapitan Anya, tearing off the Castigator's arm cabling. At the same time, Drakhun Raischev utterly crushed their Revenger. The center field was cleared right then and there, the Menites had no choice but to pull back and reinforce what ground what they had left.

For the Motherland!

500 points Khador scenario: Pit Fight
Kim's Kommandant Irusk victorious over Mang's High Exemplar Kreoss
I won via objective, capturing the center ring. My Juggernaut with Superiority charged at Mang's Castigator and broke it (dealt very heavy damage) on its activation. With one system left from being destroyed, I had my Widowmaker Kapitan under Undying Loyalty and aimed at the Castigator even if the Juggernaut engaged it. Muzzled zing and all, the Menoth heavy jack was destroyed.

The remaining enemy jack, his Revenger, was taken care of by a charging Drakhun under Undying Loyalty with two attacks from Flying Steel.

As a secondary measure, I had Irusk cast Battle Lust on some well-positioned Iron Fang Pikemen, which can finish off the two Menoth warjacks, just in case ^_^

Won the game via objective and Speedmachine boast.

Personal Achievements:
- Bringing down two ARM 19 warjacks in one turn.
- Getting 2nd-turn win with Irusk