Monday, November 24, 2008

Orin Midwinter

I finished painting Orin Midwinter last night on a sporadic burst of painting interest and effort. I was quite pleased with how it turned out, especially how the blending on the cloth parts of the miniature looked. Also with the magical glow effect I did for the tip of his staff.

I also tried out playing with the Winterguard. Their performance against Karl's Circle Orboros wasn't as well as I expected. All three rockets from the Rocketeer didn't kill the alpha Warpwolf. I was rolling horribly low then. I'll see if they will work better with Irusk. I've always wanted to play with a Superiority Beast-09!

Lito's Oberon Sector seems to be doing very well. I'll be continuing to judge the 2-day Warhammer Fantasy minitournament that we started.

Looks like my Angelic Legion project will hit some snags. Things are getting more and more expensive and I can't go buying stuff like I used to anymore. I'll see if I can get more painting done on my Daemons, since they're pretty much playable between WFB and 40K.

I'm also planning on easing up more on my spending. I hope I can discipline myself from buying more stuff. At least until I get the current stuff I have painted first.

Monday, November 03, 2008


I have to say Beast-09 has to be the BEST Khadoran warjack model every made! The arms were in ball sockets and the shoulders were made for swiveling upon placement, allowing for a wide variety of arm poses lower part. The waist to torso joint was also in ball socket structure, so you can have the Beast lean forward or arch back. The legs would have been better if they made them as dynamic with ball joints like the arms, but then it would make for somewhat unstable base.

I'm still painting it so hopefully I can post up pics once it's done.