Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Birthday Greetz, EMP!

Yeah, birthday ni Emp ngayon! So batiin nyo na lang sya ^_^ Kahit dito, pwede nyo rin i-extend ang greetings nyo LOL!

Whatta weird-ass day!

• Woke up.
• Met with Emp and went to pick up the Dungeoneer stuff from brel at Makati.
• Hoarded new hardcase sleeves for cards.
• Epal pa rin yung hag dito sa office.
• Epal pa rin... basta epal sila.
• "Naninibago ako sayo. Nakakatuwa." :)
• Right forearm hurting because I tried shuffling ALL my cards.
• Still same DNS shit error here at work.
• Had dinner with "best friend" since "band chick" misinformed about time. "You want me to go home and dress up first? Hindi ako sexy with my teacher's attire eh."
• Got new AI maps for DOTA.
• Played DOTA using Drow Archer. I got pwned LOL!
• SMSed Boyz and asked them to push through with "band chick". "OK kayo kasama sa suntukan ah!"
• Pork came up to the office! AHAHAHHA!!!
• "Band chick" was at last song, so we didn't bother with the P150 entrance. Just waited outside.
• Hi's and hello's with "band chick".
• Went to da Shak. Cox and tox ~ more NG horror stories (the great Anti-NG movement on VS), WM-playing 40Kers dominate 40K 2006 GT, homosexual harassment, Dungeoneer)
• I saw a praying mantis drink! Yeah, one of my buds has a praying mantis for a pet LOL!
• Paul got Jake's Character Guide book from the office. In house attire no less LOL! No one here at the office when I arrived, but Internet's back woohoo!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Warmachine + Hordes

Opponent: Pork (Mercenary Magnus)
Scenario: 500-points Pendulum
Wargroup: Sorscha, Destroyer heavy warjack, Juggernaut heavy warjack, Widowmakers, Winter Guard Mortar Crew (x2), Man-O-War Kovnik, Manhunter, Eiryss (490 points)

The terrain proved troublesome for my two Winter Guard Mortar. There were many blind spots where Pork's units could hide behind, barring me any good bombard shots. So I decided to force him to push forward and abandon any safe cover in lieu of securing senario objectives.

Sorscha traced a beeline towards Magnus and used Icy Gaze, rendering everything within 12" stationary. I then proceeded to unleash long-range 20" bombards on the unmoving Magnus. Icy goodness! Result: Sorscha victorious!


Opponent: Emp (Everblight Lylyth)
Scenario: 300-points Foothold
Wargroup: Sorscha, Destroyer heavy warjack, Manhunter, Winter Guard Mortar Crew (x2), Eiryss (298 points)

First Hordes opponent! Looking at the earlier games played, I had a rough idea of how an Everblight wargroup plays. I knew what a Carnivean and Shredders do. Then Emp played a Totem Hunter, and after reading out his stats to me, I decided that it had to go first.

Lining up a nice lane, I had Sorscha cast Boundless Charge on the Manhunter. With a nice 11" charge and 4D6 P+S 11, the TH was dispatched easily. Of course, my Manhunter paid the price shortly after.

And with the funky rules that allow you to displace wounds between the warlock and warbeasts, I decided to dispatch the small gribblies first. With only Lylyth and the Carnivean left (I had a Destroyer, Eiryss, Sorscha and two Mortar with good shot distance), I had my FTW tactic ready ~ come in with a whoosh and keep Lylyth tied down with Freezing Grip while a focus-fueled Destroyer would mow down the Carnivean after hitting it with Mortar rounds. Result: Sorscha victorious!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Idiot Savant Comedy

From Lyra Galvante of NMI. Sobrang astig LOL! Transcribed, it reads:

2.) I describe myself about the situation where I am quick-thinking skills? Well it's because I've so many skills that I know and knowledgeable in every part of skills that be allowed for a successful result. And I did it on my own idea and technique and the result was excellent.


1.) I rate myself about conversational skills is very frankly and sincerely.

2.) I rate myself about written communication skills is not bad, but it's only 7%.

3.) I describe myself about sitting where I become successfully, well... maybe I've confidence, friendly person, responsible, reliable and talented woman. I felt when I'm already a college graduate then when I've got my first job, I'm get nervous b'coz you don't know about attitudes in your officemates but before I end my contract, I have a confident, especially when I'm going to apply another job in other company.


1.) Well, I'm also successful to cooperated with a team especially in leadership as I've said that I'm a friendly person and I have ability to do my own skills before I success to cooperate with other teams, but I achieve to have a teamwork then it was a success. It was happen when I joined in a band group and we're five members and we're all female.


1.) Yes, I have already a experience about Internet chatting especially sending e-mail messages to my friends, my eldest brother and other friends in far away land. Almost 10 months when I work in Internet cafe but the salary is only negotiable.

3.) Okey, if I need to win a date I will ad myself.

"I'm Rica, 25 years old and single. I'm pure Filipina with real blood of Bicolana."


WAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!! You think you brain goes numb reading this, try encoding it LOL!


From Koi, let the idiocy flow "ayan pantapat ko sa post mo":

Friday, June 09, 2006

Heroes: The Real Hometown, Dungeon-delving and Kitty-cannoneering kinds

It was with apathy that I had when I worked on the Everest project. I mean, what does climbing atop a bloody mountain have to do with me? Nothing, right? But work dictated that updates on the climb were needed, and at a later point, vital. It was goddamn tedious having to work on a site without CMS! Everything had to be done manually!

But as the other mountaineers, Mr. Leo Oracion and Mr. Pastour Emata, reached the summit, it was then I really realized the significance of what I was toiling on ~ Romi's climb was being documented every step of the way. Supposed Philippine third world technology HAS gone that far, ladies and gents. I realized that as long as GMA is up and running, people who want to know about the Everest climb can click and visit the Everest site. A site that I had a hand on! *insert heady wave of greatness here* And as long as humanity doesn't kill itself off yet, this site is here to stay. It was a warm feeling, knowing that friends would go, "Ah yeah, Kim did that one."

And moreso when the footage of Romi was shown on the TV. They were standing so high up, the clouds were "below" them. Pinoys did that. Heck, I was proud of it. Proud of being part of it all. Damn fuckin' proud.

I can only imagine what kinda shit they went through. But they did. Dayum! Who'd have thought it? Pinoys surviving Everest and coming home to talk about it! I mean, there's no goddamn snow here!

Basta sa kanilang tatlo, astig sila! Mabuhay kayo, mga ser!


I finally got hold of a Dungeoneer deck and it did not disappoint. Well, a few cosmetic things did, but overall, I still enjoyed it. Carlos bought two starters from Singapore (I think). He was selling one off (and guess who bought it).

Anyway, I won't bore you with how you play it. It's bloody geeky. It has dungeon exploration, map building, dice rolling, levelling up, monster bashing, princess rescuing, yeah, all that shit. But if you're interested, I bring it with me always so I can get to play agad.

I do need to prep up some nice miniatures for it though. Me, use counters for the heroes? NO GODDAMN FUCKIN' WAY! (*sheepish* Although we do play with counters now, temporarily, as I have not had time yet to get those together XD)

I played my first head-on game of Dungeoneer: Vault of the Fiends (VF) against Tiny earlier. He was a bit hesitant at first (OK he's a bloody skeptic, so it's expected), but in the end, we both enjoyed the game. Yeah yeah, two old geeks LOL!

It was weird though. He was a Level 1 Dwarf Runecaster, but he managed to acquire the two artifacts in the game; whereas I was already a Level 3 Elven Assassin. He was kicking my ass with relative ease near the end. We both had two quests done. So either one of us can finish that open global quest, or kill the other guy to win the game. He opted for bitch-slapping my character. I had one wound remaining and opted to go for the global. BUT it had such a high threat that I needed to roll a 6 on 1D6 or I'd die. So those were my odds. And I so hate gambling.

I rolled 6 :)

From the jaws of fuckin' defeat, beeyotch!

Anyway, on the left was the hero (heroine to be exact) I used. With bulging breasts no less (hoho fanservice). Maybe it'd have been better if they just let the breasts fully out, instead of designing her like that. It looks like she has no nipples at all LOL!

And there's that Dwarf Runecaster, too. Old stunty geezer. Not very pretty to look at compared to the nekkid chick, yeah? ^_^


Kitty cannon. The damn name says it all. Enjoy.

There's my highest score. Garr got 2K (tangena adik ampotah).

Monday, June 05, 2006

Week Twenty-Two

Rain! Rain is back woohoo! Flooding and traffic won't be too far behind. And moreso because school's starting again. But rain is back!

Miniature Wargaming: I've sunk deeper into obsessively painting my models as nice as I can. I haven't spent much time into painting, but when I do, everything's white noise. Paint nice. That's all there is to it. Paint really nice.

I didn't get to play any Warmachine nor Warhammer last week. I'll metagame na lang at home.

Work: It's a lot more stable now. I think I've acclimatized to this new building. All I need to do now is get myself a duplicate set of keys.

May blog pala itong si Lesther! I was bloghopping and found his My Meanderings on Ryan's Dawn of Twilight. Lots of Morning Musume vids (which I unfortunately cannot view T_T).

Forgotten Realms: I got to play an RPG session with my old buds ~ Kei and Alvin, with Tiny as DM. They're all high-end prestige classes already (around Level 10 already I think). I wanted to play a True Necromancer (which I'll get around Level 7) but dropped the idea because it will disrupt party synergy. So I opted to play a Wizard and shoot for Archmage later on. Sing it with me, Enchaaanted KiiiiinggggDOM! AHAHAHAHA!!!

Online Distractions: I dropped my old games ~ Dark Throne and Travian. I'm still playing Kingdom of Loathing though. And MonstersGame (here's my obligatory "click link and give me money" spam LOL).


From Bonbon's Perpetual Paranoia:

1.Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING!
4. Tag 10 people to play this game too. (i tag all of you! hihihi)

• How are you feeling today?
+++ Party at 802 (Greyhoundz) - AHAHAHAHA!

• How do your friends see you?
+++ You're A God (Vertical Horizon) - AHAHAHAHA! Bow down and serve your lord and master, puny mortals!!! AHAHAHA!!!

• Will you get married?
+++ Nick, Don't Be So Quick (Dance Dance Revolution) - AHAHAHAHHA tangena hirap magpigil ng tawa!

• What is your best friend's theme song?
+++ Last Kiss (Pearl Jam) - Ehem, wala pa ngang first kiss eh (tangena, 2 chikas best friend ko, mga gago LOL)

• What is the story of your life?
+++ Selfish (The Other Two, Dance Mix) - NYAHAHAHA!!!

• What was high school like?
+++ No Rain (Blind Melon) - Yeh, buhay pa Dad ko nun eh T_T

• How can you get ahead in life?
+++ Butterfly (Dance Dance Revolution, Fast Version) - Holy shit! Para umasenso sa buhay na ito, kelangan maging bading ako?!? NOOOOO!!!!

• What is the best thing about your friends?
+++ Gangster Tripping (Fat Boy Slim) - Oyeh!!!

• What is today going to be like?
+++ Me Inside (Slipknot) - LOL madugo yata mangyayari mamaya ^_^

• What is in store for this weekend?
+++ Change (Candlebox) - As I stand here, I ponder greater things. You're no longer a part of your lover's dreams; eeek LOL!

• What song describes you?
+++ Mission Impossible 2 (Limp Bizkit Instrumental) - Hmmm...

• To describe your grandparents?
+++ Govinda (Kula Shaker) - AHAHAHAHA!!! Anlabo shet!

• How is your life going?
+++ No Shelter (Rage Against The Machine) - Yeah, yung bahay sa Tendido sobrang "un-homeley" eh T_T

• What song will they play at your funeral?
+++ Jump Around (Limp Bizkit with Everlast of House of Pain) - Hehe enjoy life, so enjoy death ^_^

• How does the world see you?
+++ Crushed (Limp Bizkit) - Eh?

• Will you have a happy life?
+++ Diluted (Slipknot) - Woho! Right on the head LOL!

• What do your friends really think of you? +++ Ain't No Right (Jane's Addictio) - Hell yeah, dakilang pesimista ba naman eh.

• Do people secretly lust after you?
+++ Root (Deftones) - Tangena ampanget naman ng result dito!

• How can I make myself happy?
+++ Live In A Hole (Pantera) - AHAHAHAHHAHA ayus!

• What should you do with your life?
+++ Illumination (Rollins Band) - Pwede!

• Will you ever have children?
+++ I'll Be There (Escape Club) - Holy shit, ano ako? Paanakan service?!? LOL! Pwede na rin! AHAHAHA!!!