Sunday, October 26, 2008


I got some WARMACHINE games in via the campaign and some casual games at Fortress. I'm more relaxed with my gaming now since I realized I've already achieved a lot of success in the hobby. I'm still giving my ace game to anyone who wants it - but I feel I'll try to be less of an ass from now on LOL

People will always have something to say despite whatever you do anyway.

I got to try out my new Khadoran warcaster, Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova - mainly because I got to finish painting her.

My first game using Zerkova was against Fred's Iron Lich Asphyxious in a campaign game. I won via objective in a King of the Plateau scenario - killing as much of his units on the plateau on the third turn. It would have been better if I had Greylords but I opted for Winter Guard Mortar and Iron Fang Pikemen instead. Ah well, winning's winning.

My second game was against Kei's Grim Angus. It was the first game in Fortress that day and I made many mistakes like not allocating focus on the first turn and mistaking the Fury tokens on the nearby Bouncer. I tried to patch up said mistakes late in the game by covering up my warcaster with as much of the troops that I have. But Kei surgically removed all of them via awesome shooting and a well-placed Mantrap, knocking Zerkova down. The Earthborn Dire Troll made short work of her after that.

Third game was against Fred again, but this time I used Beast-09 instead of a Spriggan. It was hilarious because Fred kept on damaging the warjack, and naturally Beast-09 moved closer towards Asphyxious, who was dead center on the table (pun intended). Beast-09 did manage to do a Critical Freeze on the Cryxian warcaster, but failed to finish the job. Then upon Raymund's jolly persuasion, I lobbed a Mortar on the Beast, which hit! Not only did it deal damage to the ARM 20 warjack, it got a high roll on Asphyxious as well! But then the Beast's big nasty axe got an arm bar from the surviving Withershadow Combine. Beast-09 did manage to get the casterkill later on via boosted P+S 14 head spike. Beast-09 = awesomeness! ^_^

My fourth game with Zerkova was against Les' Kaya. We played at home after a very long hiatus (I feared the table would feel bad and give us bad rolls). I swapped the Mortar Crew and the extra Pikemen out and placed in Orin Midwinter and some Greylords. The army performed wonderfully! Orin hid behind a house and spammed Null Magic (although I kinda got too excited because I Nullled kinda early, so my second turn, no spells from Zerkova and the Greylords duh~). With a dead Warpwolf and Argus later via MOWDC and Beast-09, I got the No Man's Land win via objective.

Will post pics as soon as Barby returns the cam ^_^

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Plan

I've always wanted to play using Chaos Daemons, be it in WFB or 40K. Their rules make them awesome and fun to play with. Sadly, the models aren't really appealing to most normal people.

I have tried assembling an Angelic Legion for WFB way back, having bought and coverted some units already. Sadly I discarded the idea in favor of a more tournament-legal army - meaning using the legit units. But that was before I won tourneys in miniature wargaming. Now, I think I've reached a point where I want to play with very nicely-painted models. I've given myself a personal rule - that I must play only with painted miniatures or not play them at all - as observed by the old gods Pork and Luigi.

Admittedly, I've striven to win a lot of in any of the games I play - WFB, 40K and WMH. I have been humbled by my share of losses and have learned to take in victory with equal grace. But in all my years in the hobby, I have never played with a fully-painted Warhammer army. I've played with my fully-painted Khador, but my GW armies haven't been showed ample attention.

That's something I mean to correct.

I have gone over some of my old models in all the game systems I play, and touch up on them again - be it painting over chipped areas, adding highlights or some freehand, or even disassembling whole models to be repainted and converted.

Going back to the "Angelic Legion", I'm planning to put together a WFB army that's heroic-looking, but using the rules from the Daemons of Chaos army book, or even the Warriors of Chaos army book for that matter. But this time, I'm meaning to apply the best that my meager painting skills can offer. I know I can o blending, and highlighting and freehand and convert and sculpt and make scenic bases, but can I pull it off on this planned army of mine?

As Pork would say, "Abanagan!"

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

WIP Fenris

I've been trying some better techniques with my painting. Here are some WIP shots of Fenris' big horse.