Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dead or Alive, The Movie

Oh hell yeah!


[3/29/2006] "Sabi ko sa kanya, if pipgilan mo akong makipagkita or makipag-communicate with Kim, makikipaghiwalay ako sayo! Hinding-hindi ko sya pwedeng pabayaan!"

Life isn't as simple as I thought it to be. I'm nearing another pivotal event in my life, and things have been getting more and more complicated.

"Thanks a lot. Having you there means a lot to me."

I now have friends who have irreconcilable differences with my other friends. I have friends who pretend to be friends with my other friends. I have "friends" who're just there if they need anything. I have friends who're supposed to know me, but don't really know me. I have a friend who's not supposed to be as close a friend to me because she was a significant to another friend.

Sounds like it's from a stupid song.

My definition of love has warped over the thirty years. As did my definition of friendship. I've done so many things I never thought I'd be capable of doing. And I've failed at many things I never thought I'd fail.

I try to be happy with where I am now, with what I have now. But unfortunately, I have my own set of principles which others strongly disagree with.

I share my heart to many people and things.

Well, here's to thirty ^_^ and a hella lot more things I can't exclaim right now.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Music Brothers

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It's one of those "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" games! I've been playing this for almost a month now. And I haven't gone past Level 10! Play it! And identify the music while you're at it.

And even if it's in Japanese, you'd have to be dumber than a doornail if you can't figure it out ^_^

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Better Than TV

Tangena. Classic. Katabi ako nyang dalawang yan, pero iniwasan ko na maglagay ng pogi dyan LOL!


Updated WMPH Ranking. Check it out here.

Personal Ranking
Updated: 12 March 2006

Games played: 25
Wins: 22 +2 games [WR 88.0%]
Losses: 3

VS Cryx: W9 L2 +1W
VS Khador: W0 L0
VS Cygnar: W7 L0 +1W
VS Menoth: W1 L0
VS Mercenaries: W3 L1

Armies played:
Khador: W21 L3 +2W
Mercenaries: W1 L0
Cryx: W0 L0
Cygnar: W0 L0
Menoth: W0 L0

Warcaster Usage:
Sorscha: W11 L0
Vlad: W8 L2 +2W
Irusk: W3 L1

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Week 10

Work. That's what's been keeping me busy these past few days. Little time to blog, to play, to paint. But even so, I still managed to squeeze in some time for a little fun.

Spent a good time of a day with da Shak Boyz. When I got to da Shak, they were already watching some DVD. Septem8er Tapes was the title, I think. Unfortunately for them, I ended up heckling a big chunk of the movie with Emp and Arvin.

"He's American. He must be a journalist." What the hell? He wasn't carrying anything except an AK-47! Journalism has come a long way it seems, for Afghans to immediately judge that a person is a journalist because of a rifle.

"I've got nothing to offer them! They wouldn't want me!" Hell yeah they would. They'd want a piece of that white American ass! I'm sure they're sick and tired of filthy hairy camel ass by now. [And so ensues an unending trail of bad camel and ass jokes.]

Basically it was like Blair Witch Project meets epilogue of September 11. It would have been more profound if we weren't laughing our asses off.

Then Pork brought out a Vivian Hsu erotic movie, Angel... something. Sorry I wasn't really paying attention to the title. It was when Ms. Hsu was in her prime, and the cover made me wanna borrow it agad.

When the first scene came out, it was some dude being assraped by some cell guards. Suddenly, flashes of a naked Vivian Hsu came up while the poor guy was looking at some puppy-sized rats. Right off the bat, we all felt that this movie would be very very wrong.

Then came a flurry of recurring lines such as, "Oooh look, a bed!" "It'd have been better if you had some kind of stick you can beat me with." "And then comes the director slash photographer slash salesman." "Where the hell's scene five?!?"

And then there came the jeep scene! You just have to see it for yourself. I couldn't stop laughing! I was laughing so hard my gut hurt! So did my jaw! And I was frickin' crying of laughter!

Yeah, that was good LOL!


Got to play WFB again. After weeks of inactivity. I played my KDL against Emcee's Bretonnians. He had lots of lances, and a lord on a hippogriff. After a fortunate turn of events, my KDL took the table ^_^

Les and Ryan got to play, too. Les got a straight lesson on fleeing tactics. I guess that'd mean more Glade Riders then. Ryan's Bretonnians took the field that day over Les' Wood Elves.


Alright, that's my entry for the meantime. Back to work, slave! *cracks whip*