Monday, November 19, 2007

Random Weekend (Late Post)

Better late than never (looks like I've been saying that a lot these past few weeks LOL). Here are some pics from Weewilldoodle's Instantinopol and a league day at Pitshop ^_^

More pics here!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Last Quarter Stuff

Again, not been updating as often as I'd have wanted. A lot of momentum now in the local WARMACHINE/HORDES community. Not so with WFB and 40K. No matter though as I have very little time to play. I do get a lot of painting time though. Got some more details in on my Winter Guard Rocketeer, as well as the whole Druids of Orboros lot. I will look into spraybombing my Khorne Bloodletters later when I get home (unless Guitar Hero 3 wrenches me off it though LOL).

Updating the now functioning Miniatures Wargaming Philippines forum. As per my last conversation with Lito, this new free forum will serve as the alternative once the old RHGC forum shuts down.

I'll be undertaking a new terrain project for my table at home. I'm planning to make something for Trollbloods, Menoth and Circle of Orboros. Not big projects but rather modular flavor pieces. I still don't know what exactly -- maybe a ruined Menoth church (the corners at the very least), maybe some herdstone-type obstructions, too.

Games at home: Atelier Iris 3 and Guitar Hero 2 (Hard) on PS2, Bang!
Games at work: Dawn of War, Company of Heroes, DOTA, Counter-strike 1.3
Target for the week: Winter Guard Rocketeer and Greylords Ternion or Kell Bailoch

I got lots of pics, just not on this blog. Go check out the WMPH blog instead.

Adding Larkin Vain's Glory & Coin to my blogroll ^_^