Sunday, June 24, 2007

No Title

- Haven't blogged in a while, so I'm blogging now.

- Won the first official tournament of WARMACHINE/HORDES in the country ~ got me a nifty WARMACHINE shirt (and it fits me, too), redemption for gold cards of the list I used (hope I get those soon), the best faction coin for Khador, and of course the coin for Tournament Champion. Kim = happy gamer ^_^

- Just saw Marian Rivera on Showbiz Central. She got picked to play Marimar. Psh, I don't care what anyone says, she's damn f*ckin' hot! So hot I might just blog the damn telenovela. Yeah, I'd watch it just because she's there.

- Been fiddling around digital painting with Photoshop CS.

- Started D&D campaign at home. Just finished a refresher session. Hopefully the succeeding ones will be better.

- Barby's been doing some major cleaning at home. Kim = happy bf ^_^

- Sir Joe gave me a small doll set from Russia, the ones that split in half to reveal smaller dolls inside (I dunno what they call that).

- Been looking at Confrontation. Anyone want to game with me? Heck, I'll play this with you, just say so. We can order stuff from wherever ^_^

- Had my Hordes Primal hardbound for P150. I had to. Some people just don't know how to take care of their books.

- The Juggernaut is now my favorite warjack. Especially with Irusk. It's cheap. It still has a lot of damage boxes on its grid. It's still ARM 20. And it has a nice POW19 axe that freezes things.

- Been able to watch Roxanne Guinoo more often now, since Barby is more Kapamilya than Kapuso. Yeah, some people just have that effect on you. You get relaxed just by watching them.

- On a similar note about lovely Roxanne Guinoo, someone ordered that the White Castle billboard of her on EDSA be taken down and replaced. Boo!

- Got my old big pair of Phat Farm shorts back. Yeah, good times!

- Been downloading a lot of Akari Yamazaki, Maria Ozawa and Saori Nanami. Send them over please. Anything. Pics, vids. Anything! ^_^

- Gaming table now playable at home. Terrain contributions appreciated, too ^_^

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

RHGC Gamesday

Yesterday was the largest gathering by far at RHGC HQ, catering to several game systems - Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40,000, Warmachine, Hordes and World of Warcraft CCG!

I got to play WFB using Lito's Tomb Kings. Looking back, my selection of units was inappropriate. Scenarios for the Nemesis Crown campaign were used, and most of them favored direct assaults as opposed to the protracted Pitched Battles. I should not have used a shooty Tomb Kings configuration. Not only were the other armies real bash monsters, but a shooty TK army can be outshot by a shooty High Elves army.

Ah well, just proves the point that GW is directing WFB into a more bash-oriented game. KDL or VC will definitely be good choices.

I would have played in the WMH games. Evidently my body could not handle the heat and the sleep deprivation. So with WMH, I sat that one out. As with the rest of the games later on.

Luigi did arrive, along with some much-awaited loot! Doom Reavers! I'll put those together and see how they play very soon.

All other hobby projects on hold. Sleep deprivation ruins my painting.