Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ascorbic Acid

It's Sunday and the whole building was a buzzing hubbub of showbiz glitz and glamor. SOP here goes live, and it's a veritable carnival every week (well, as long as it's being shot here).

There was a line of people at the studio entrance earlier. Some were pushing, some were shoving, just so they could get in line to be in the show. Some braved to stand in line under the infernal sun, something I definitely will never EVER do (even for bands or celebrities I like). I haven't really watched it but I do know that studio audience members don't get as many prizes as they do in Eat Bulaga (if ever they do give away prizes at SOP at all ~ yeah yeah I'm a bad employee I don't even know those details). And yeah, as always the envious looks when I string up my ID and waltz in unhindered.

GMA stars were everywhere earlier. Some came in their expensive cars. Others were already on stage. Some were all waves and smiles to fans who called their names. It's weird, I don't even know what occassion today is (meron ba?). They (the stars) were all garbed in presumably expensive gear, bling all around and scents in the air which I'm sure is as costly.

To some, such would be envious indeed.

So as I was weaving my way through the maze of stars, dress tents, fans, stage hands and studio equipment, I was wondering what was the counterweight to all the fame and fortune. Well, sleep-deprivation for one. Then you have to memorize all those scripts and dance steps. Then you have to "look good" to everyone around you. I just shrugged off the notion.

I'd rather my foul-mouthed, independent, don't-give-a-shit, don't-ever-judge-me self. Besides, I won't be able to paint and play as I'd like. I'm so glad God invented blissful ignorance. And ascorbic acid.

Any naysayer out there can just kiss my big, fat ass.