Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Old School, New School

Tiny, Bey and Kei; we were at Bey's gaming attic playing D&D and Dungeoneer.

Kei, me and Tiny, with Bey's D&D Miniatures in the foreground. Yeah, we play RPG with miniatures.

A little downtime. Taking a break from dice chucking.

The gaming table. Dice everywhere. Dungeon tiles mounted on foamboard. Stats sheet. Holy COX.

Players Kei, Bey and Tiny concoct a devious plan. DM can only watch LOL!


Dungeoneer game in progress. Me chowing on Chippy LOL! Kaya hindi pumapayat eh!

More Dungeoneer action!

Close up of the cards and the dungeon.

Anytime card, Potion of Rage, and Shrieking Demon Worm

Anytime card, Potion of Rage, and Shrieking Demon Worm

Pagod na. Pack up na. 5am na!

This was actually taken on the morning of the Warmachine tourney right after I got well from trangkaso LOL! What doesn't kill you...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kommandant Irusk: Tactical Genius or Blatant Coward?

Another Saturday rolls in and I get to spend some playing time with the rest of WMPH.

From work, I proceeded to Da Shak where I met up with Emp and Pork. After a few musing about the new epic warcasters, we proceeded to UPCFA.

Mark arrived shortly after I partook of a hearty adobo and siomai lunch there. The metal mangling started shortly afterwards as the other warmachinists trickled in ~ Carlos, Arvin, EJ, Jake, Fred, Obi, Jacob, Tads and Joel. Siomai got massacred. Grape juice and COX got consumed. Dice was tossed.

In the course of all the action, I finally succumbed to the call of Hordes. I will make a Hordes wargroup. But, I'll try and not to go competitively crunching lists. So I took a look at Emp's Hordes Primal and off the top of my head, I decided either I go Skorne or Trolls. Skorne was a no brainer for me ~ they were oriental and they were "red" LOL! I was still a bit undecided then. Until I saw the cover. I remembered designing a new banner for WMPH and wanted to put a Hordes element there. The first thing that came to mind was the Dire Troll Mauler. I mean, holy shit, who wouldn't want that?!? I flipped through the pages and saw it's point cost. 111. Not too shabby for what it can do. Good numerology, too LOL! Then I glanced on its Field Allowance. Unlimited. Damn! Max out Dire Trolls and a warlock. The pages got flipped immediately to the three warlocks that Trolls had to offer. Doomshaper. I was owned from that point on. Four Dire Trolls and Doomshaper for 500 points of Hordes brutality. Yeah it'll definitely lose a lot of its games due to predictability, but shit, that'd be four Dire Trolls running down your alley! BWAHAHAHAH!!!

I didn't get to prepare a new wargroup for this weekend as I was swamped with work. Since it played well during the last tourney, I used the same old wargroup I used (which never really left its place where I put it last LOL).

My first game was against Carlos' Menoth. His list was a revision from what he used in the last WM tourney. If I remember right, he has Amon, a Castigator, a Vanquisher, a Revenger, two groups of Choir, two Wracks and a whole mob of Holy Zealots with Monolith Bearer.

Irusk's Inhospitable Ground proved a bit useless to Amon's Mobility, but I kept casting it so that he spends up his FOC. I already managed to tone down his FOC resources by bombarding his two Wracks early in the game. I don't care what others say, I will shoot at Wracks even if they're just 5 points each. In the end, Amon fell to Irusk's brave (and tremendously rare) charge, popping up with a boosted free Onslaught shot and finishing with even more boosted melee attacks. [Irusk won via Amon assassination]

EJ and Jacob were playing the A Game Of Thrones CCG. Of course, I took down the results of their games and will post them on WMPH, too. Under a section which I'll call "The Great Wide Open" *ahem*

When Tads arrived, I decided to put some work on Les' Menoth. This was when Brian, a son of one of the IPMS dudes, came up and started chatting with the group at the table (Me, Tads and Fred). Imagine a six-year old being bombarded by conflicting thoughts on philisophy and morals. But of course I balanced it out (or at least to the best of my ability, I tried), making him remember the importance of not starting fights and not being afraid to stand up when need be. Fred was being inanely hilarious. Tads was silently laughing his gut off. It was here that Fred asked me to paint a big horned skull (a bit from the GW Ork standard bearer) which he'll use as the head of one of his helljacks. Good way to wait til the rains stopped. Good also to help a friend out.

When the rains stopped, we proceeded to Hobby Haven. Amidst the throng of CCG players that time, me and Ronald pushed through with our agreed game of my Khador against his Skorne. I have to admit, as much as I come off as knowing lotsa stuff, I had little to no idea what his wargroup could do. All I did know was the models looked badass LOL! We played Foothold scenario for the game. Despite my horrible rolling for Irusk's feat and the Battle Lusted IFP, I managed to snag the win by holding the objective for four turns with the Superiority Spriggan. [Irusk, with his frustratingly chicken Inhospitable Ground, won!]

Several points to be considered with Hordes ~ when Ronald leaced stuff from his warbeasts, he should not have been able to go beyind his Fury stat. I also messed up a crucial defense, as the Manhunter got charged despite being inside Irusk's IH. But it's all good. Ronald maybe a Hordes noob, but he's been a miniature wargames veteran for several years. It's good to see that he enjoys playing Hordes/Warmachine.

@Emp: Dude, may naiwanan akong clutch bag sa sasakyan mo. Pakidala na lang next time. #-o

Sorry, no battle reports. I was too engaged with my games to write down about mine except for the excerpts above. Next time maybe ^_^

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm Back!

After days of being laid low by incapacitating trangkaso, your mean old grumpy dragon is back ^_^

Updates done to WMPH: small facelift, redone ranking.

Hoping to get more freelancer work, too, so I can fund my ever-growing but damnably-accursed expensive hobbies.

Bought new Queso CD (because it's Queso), the 2-in-1 by Sugar Hiccup (because they're Sugar Hiccup), and One Dose by Cherry Lou (only for the Manila Girl vid) . All chicks should dance like this ^_^

More updates soon!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

If You've Got The METAL, Bring It ON!

I have missed this year's Warhammer Grand Tourneys for WFB and 40K. But being a founding member of Warmachine Philippines, I really couldn't afford to miss it (WMPH's first WARMACHINE tournament). Coming from a stretch of DMing until 5am, I had to try to get some sleep so I can make it on the 10am Pitshop assembly.

Strong rain and a closed shop door granted me some breakfast time, so I had a long-time fave, Pizza Hut's Spaghetti with Meatballs, which establishment was conveniently localted right across Mang's shop. I met Fred there, who was early as well. The unexpected storm held up everyone, so the tourney proper started out around 1PM.

Expecting strong players like EJ, Emp and Joel to show up, I didn't want to hurt my head in trying to metagame and try to make foil lists against what they might field. Irusk and the Spriggan, then just sprinkle everything else. It's da Kommandant and his pet warjack LOL! Well anyway, here's what I brought:

Kommandant Irusk
Winter Guard Mortar Crew (x2)
Man-O-War Kovnik
Iron Fang Pikemen
Greylord Ternion

Opponents fought:
1 - Mark (Severius Menoth)
2 - Jake (Brisbane Cygnar)
3 - Joel (Goreshade Cryx)
* - Carlos (Amon Ad-Raza Menoth)


Severius, Game One

The table was filled with lots of terrain, which made for mad shooting for my Mortar teams. There were also trees that can be felled as weapons smack in the center of the table, so taking the objective early would be a bit foolish. I tried to draw off his units with my advance deployment troops on my right. On my left, I neutralized his grenade-throwing Zealots by engaging them with IFP, the Kovnik and the Spriggan.

I won with VP on time resolution.


Brisbane, Game Two

Trashtalking galore on this game, albeit from the Cygnar side. Well-placed Mortar shots disabled the Hunter's armor-piercing armament. I then proceeded with some more surgical removal of his Bokur and Ironclad. After a Disruptor bolt from Eiryss, Brisbane was brought down by combined Khadoran arms.


Goreshade, the Final Match

Pendulum against fast Cryx is always hard. Playing against the 40K GT champ makes it harder. With some good results on my dice rolling, I had managed to pacify his right-side attack. Good Mortar shots put some semblance of control on my left. In the last rounds, I was ahead 6VP to his 3VP, and had models on his table half. As a final move, he eliminated the models I had from his table half, going for objective win. With a Nightwretch surrounded by Greylords, he broke from combat (two stupid Ternion missed) and shot at my last Widowmaker on his table half, hooking him the win.

But later that evening, Joel withdrew his win, honestly claiming that the shot should not have been made because the Nightwretch had lost its head where the armament is located. Thus, the win was handed to me. BUT to everyone that was there, and to me personally, because of his noble gesture, Joel was the REAL winner of that tourney.

Amon Ad-Raza

As a closing game after the end of the tourney, Irusk faced off against the High Allegiant. With some strategic engagements, I was able to neuter his synergical tactic a bit. I also managed to bring down his Castigator that was sitting on the objective. In the end, Amon was brought down with Battle Lusted IFP.



Thursday, July 06, 2006

Certified ASSHOLY: Devolution of a Flamebait

Something long overdue ^_^

GARRBOI (6/28/2006 8:57:52 PM): since when have i been known to sidestep issues and post anonymously? me? anyone who's anyone in the warhammer community knows who i am. and for that matter, knows who the rest of us are. we're the noisiest bunch in the local GW scene. we made things happen in this country's GW community. we're the f'ing heart & soul of RHGC, and the proverbial stick up NG's ass because they can't foist their totalitarian shitte on us and manhandle our hobby like they do so with their card games. now for that matter, everyone who knows who we are also invariably knows what we are NOT. and we are most certainly not cronies, lapdogs and bootlickers of NG. -garr
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 8:57:52 PM): should i post that?
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 8:58:01 PM): magrereply sana ako
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 8:58:14 PM): ikaw
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 8:58:20 PM): pero tumahimik na yan eh
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 8:58:27 PM): will you back me up?
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 8:58:42 PM): He PM'ed me after my last post - Just asking... are you referring to me in your post above? gothhammer was using CAPS and accusing me of something, I think I have the right to defend myself. And I have stated my point clearly.
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 8:59:08 PM): Then I answered this ~ If you feel so strongly that way and believe that gotthammer's post is offensive, then you are entitled to react in whatever way you deemed fit. But to answer your question, yes I directed that statement to you, but take into consideration that it's not meant exclusively for you. That post was meant as a reminder to all of the posters on all of the forums you visit. Don't take it personally as I am trying to help in the diffusal of any potential problem here. As I have reiterated, forums are open to the public. What I say may not come off as good to others, and whenever I post anything, I am aware that some people WILL and MIGHT react to that. And maybe even the same way you reacted to gotthammer's post, or how gotthammer reacted to your post.
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 8:59:15 PM): If you take offense in my post as well, it is your right to do so because that is how you may have understood it. But with this reponse, I have tried to explain my side of the story for you. As much as I want to resolve whatever conflict there is with the people here, where you guys want to take this is up to you.
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:03:24 PM): lol pero maangas post mo
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:03:41 PM): yung palaaway side ko wants you to post it, pero gulo yun sigurado
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:04:16 PM): should i post or not?
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:04:16 PM): should i?
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:07:37 PM): POST MO! POST MO!!!
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:07:38 PM): wag wag wag
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:07:41 PM): POST POST POST
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:07:43 PM): wag wag wag
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:07:59 PM): since when have i been known to sidestep issues and post anonymously? me? anyone who's anyone in the warhammer community knows who i am. and for that matter, knows who the rest of the gang is. we're the noisiest bunch in the local GW scene. we made things happen in this country's GW community. we're the f*cking heart & soul of RHGC. we're the proverbial stick up NG's ass because they can't foist their totalitarian shitte on us, and manhandle our hobby like they do so with their card games. we're the villains because we don't pander to their paranoia-induced hyper-inflated childish sense of self-import. we're the no-good veterans they warn everyone against because we can see through their web of lies and amateur anti-customer monopolist schemes. now for that matter, ever
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:07:59 PM): modified
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:07:59 PM): Mahirap magsalita pre, emotionally unstable ako ngayon eh LOL
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:08:24 PM): now for that matter, everyone who knows who we are also invariably knows what we are NOT. and we are most certainly not cronies, lapdogs and bootlickers of NG. -garr
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:09:04 PM): should i post it?
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:12:08 PM): That's a BIG stone to throw in a small pond so to speak. You might wanna throw a warning shot to everyone else before doing so. That's the best I can think of now.
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:12:22 PM): Mahirap naman we cause ripples and end up for the worse of it later on, diba?
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:13:47 PM): hmm
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:13:47 PM): you're right
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:13:58 PM): so how about i post a simple two word reply? "NG lapdogs "
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:14:09 PM): loaded but subject to interpretations
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:15:13 PM): NG lapdogs. more annoying than a chihuahua. aren't they cute? -garr
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:15:19 PM): how about that reply?
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:15:34 PM): may smiley pa, para subject to misinterpretation pa
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:15:44 PM): kulang ka sa pulbura noh? Hyper ang aggression mo ngayon eh
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:16:24 PM): ano, post ko?
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:16:29 PM): pwede pwede pwede?
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:16:45 PM): kamote, obvious attack naman yan noh, kahit san anggulo mo tignan yan
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:16:59 PM): ok how about i modify
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:17:06 PM): NG lapdogs. parang chihuahua. -garr
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:17:06 PM): how's that?
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:17:16 PM): Ang subtle na hirit would be posting your full name and a smiley
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:17:35 PM): Iinom mo muna yan, Garr.
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:17:58 PM): I admit, I'm inclined to it though.
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:18:05 PM): Gotta save this YM conv
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:18:37 PM): o kaya animal sarcasm? "yipyipyip. i can't read anything, all i see are the yippings of NG lapdogs."
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:18:43 PM): hmm, nah. away yan
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:19:24 PM): Ima return the favor na pinigilan nyo ako pakipagaway dun sa "pakyumo incident" and try to talk you out of this now.
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:19:34 PM): how about "awwww, NG lapdoggie. woof woof"
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:19:49 PM): If you wanna escalate that, might as well let Lito know first. AT least Lito
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:20:47 PM): but it's TTW. it's not NG forum or RHGC forum.
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:21:08 PM): kumakahol ang NG lapdogs? always remember, karma runs over dogma anyday. -garr
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:21:08 PM): ok how about that?
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:21:31 PM): Sayo na rin nanggaling, pre - if it's not our turf, we put forward our best applicable behavior. TTW is not our turf, dude.
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:21:44 PM): AHAHAHA goddamn ork's on a roll
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:22:26 PM): ok ok
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:22:26 PM): imma shaddup now
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:22:26 PM): Maganda i-post yan sa blog eh... devolution of an angry post LOL
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:22:45 PM): i-post mo sa blog mo. oks lang sakin
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:22:51 PM): uyeh ayus!
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:22:56 PM): I will! AHAHAHAHHA!!
GARRBOI (6/28/2006 9:23:54 PM): damn, i wanna see that blog post. devolution of a flamebait
SHINK1M (6/28/2006 9:24:04 PM): AHAHAHAHAHHAA

Monday, July 03, 2006

Singapore Order Update

Totem Hunter - 28S$ (P939.4)
Khador Vlad - 16S$ (P536.8)
Cygnar Field Mechanik - 13S$ (P436.15)
Bodgers - 11S$ (P369.05)
IK Magus Sperling - 11S$ (P369.05)
Color Cards - 25S$ (P838.75)

1 Singapore Dollar (S$) = P33.55 (Yahoo Currency Converter, July 3 2006)

SOLD OUT: Dire Troll, Cygnar Cain, IK Nyss Sorceress, IK Illuminated One, Everblight Seraphs

Warpwolf in starter box only.


Recommendations: I believe Mang is going to order again soon. Some of you might want to ride on those orders na lang. If you guys still want to push through with your orders through Alger, let me know ASAP so I can inquire on shipping costs as well.