Monday, February 27, 2006

Blissful Ignorance

Woohoo! Here we are again with another installment of national crisis. And it's weird how many people are so apathetic about it. If this so-called State of National Emergency is just another Martial Law cover-up, then GMA actually has some smarts. Calling it Martial Law outright WILL result in another People Power. Disguising the same shit in pretty words will not make it sound as scary.

You want Pinoys to move, you gotta crack the whip harder. Give them calamities and dictators. And maybe, just maybe, they'll have enough care for everyone else that they actually start doing some good to the country.


Journal of a Warmachinist, 23rd Entry

Played against Lesther and his Menoth using Kreoss. Using a wargroup without Sorscha and the Behemoth proved more difficult than I thought. There was a point where I forgot about Kreoss' FTW feat, and it was then that Les activated it! Good thing I survived it. He had his KE units whittled down to manageable bits by S&P bombards from my WGMC and Destroyer.

It was with Vlad's Spells & Portents that I set up Kreoss with the Greylords' Ice Cage. It took me an expensive bait, giving away the Kodiak, but it was well worth it. S&P bombards were the ones that finished off Kreoss FTW.

That win also took me up to a higher Class on the WMPH ranking. I'm the first player to have reached Class VII (the rest are currently still Class VIII). I should still keep my edge as a loss against the others will put a definite hurt on my status.

Personal Ranking
Updated: 27 February 2006

Games played: 23
Wins: 20
Losses: 3
Draws: 0

VS Cryx: W8 L2 D0
VS Khador: W0 L0 D0
VS Cygnar: W6 L0 D0
VS Menoth: W1 L0 D0
VS Mercenaries: W3 L1 D0

Armies played:
Khador: W19 L3 D0
Mercenaries: W1 L0 D0
Cryx: W0 L0 D0
Cygnar: W0 L0 D0
Menoth: W0 L0 D0

Warcaster Usage:
Sorscha: W11 L0
Vlad: W6 L2
Irusk: W3 L1

Sunday, February 19, 2006

What? Another tragic calamity?

More people dead. It's like playing some Sim or Civ game then just deleting a town. But it's funny how people go on and start pointing fingers, hunting down who's to blame. Wake up, fool! We all have a cosmic part in any tragedy ~ be it overusing plastic materials, burning your own garbage, littering in the streets, not eating you greens, heck, the list doesn't end.

Everything you do, no matter how good, ends up a bad thing for someone else. And what do I do? I just shrug my shoulders and ignore it. Tangena, all the bad shit that's headed my way was probably the result of some butterfly flapping its wings in Timbuktu.

Live a happy life. So that when you die, you won't regret as much.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Free Weekend

• Started new weblog, Miniature Wargaming, which tackles in-depth topics, articles, reviews, etc. for my beloved hobby. Also a good site to direct newbies to.
• Updated Warmachine Philippines blogsite on latest ranking and WMPH-UPCFA events.
Jaemark says my schedule might be adjusted yet again; from a Monday to Friday, it becomes a Sunday to Thursday. Either way, I'm sure to appear at off times at the office anyway.
• Need to have laundry done tomorrow morning, since I might be required to head back to the office for new sked. Hopefully the Labadoc people get those done by late afternoon.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Tangena, lagi na lang akong biglang nagigising ng around 3am. Baka pinepeste ako ng masasamang espiritu, as per The Exorcism of Emily Rose. LOL! Pero ayus lang naman. Although I come off as some fruitcake talking out loud alone at home, asking some unseen people to stop bugging me and leave me at peace to sleep. But it does work ^_^

I had the strangest dream. That I was about to be married to some monstrous butt-ugly fat thing, and it's family is as monstrous, as butt-ugly and as fat as it was! I ended up running through some sparse woods, with them chasing after me. And suprisingly, despite the large distribution of flesh they carried, they were catching up with me. Heck, I know I'm fat but these mudders were goddamn huge! Anyway, I couldn't remember their faces, but all the while it was like watching some scary movie on DVD. I can't remember the exact scene before I woke up, but I felt fear. Yeah, my heart was goddamn pounding as the images dripped out of my then-conscious head.

Then I took a gulp from my 1.5 bottle of Coke and went back to sleep. LOL!


On a similar note, one of the scary concepts on the Emily Rose movie was that demons are supposed to be at their strongest during 3am. Since 3pm is the time that Christ died, right? 3am is supposed to be a bastardization of Christ's death, so supposedly the bad spirits come out during this hour.


The Philippines is technically GMT +8, right? So technically, 3am in the US is different than our 3am here, right? I mean, 3am elsewhere in the world could verily well be 9am here, right? So, do demons follow that time schedule? Fuckin' stupid eh?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Another Day

Ah same feeling I got when I first saw Ryu and Sagat duke it out in that Street Fighter OVA (or is it OAV? Ah heck ^_^ ).


I got invited to Alvin big bash wedding last Saturday. It was breath-taking ~ must've been goddamn expensive LOL! I got to spend the night in a room over at the Manila Peninsula. Very high end, very goddamn expensive. I should go back there. Nice place to unwind and relax.

Congratulations to both of you, Bey and Ma-am! Dude, you're one of the persons in this world that's really good-hearted! And we know we won't be playing much D&D since you'll be living abroad na hehe, but you know we got your back, man.


Week Seven


• Had breakfast at Manila Peninsula ~ frosted cereal, lotsa bacon, some rice, 3 halves of hash browns.
• Witnessed horrible porn reenactment of some sick porn flick ~ Apol was banging Tiny. Tiny was lying on his belly on one of the beds, and Apol proceeded to sodomize him (well they both had clothes on, but it was hella hilarious). Must get the vids from Jobi's (spell check) phone.
• Returned the barong I rented.
• Bought some more crap for the house ~ 2 of those stackable shelves like what Jio has, a fresh roll of trashbags, a new Safeguard (menthol daw, hmm...), a hammer, pipe extension for the faucet outside, a black soap dish and a black tabo'.
• Did some furniture rearrangement, which rendered the front entrance impassable to visitors. Good thing I'm not expecting any anytime soon. You guys'll have to pass by the crappy kitchen/junkyard area LOL!.
• Finished the last episodes of the 30-episode Spongebob Squarepants DVD.


• Met with DS
• Bought GW Black Spray from NG (it was closer at that time), and some Dehumidifier from Galleria DIY.
• Lotsa more updates at work.
» You need to update the Flash on QTV. Take out the Melanie Marquez image there. I should make the whole top part Flash. Need to talk to Sherwin about that.
» You also need to get that Review Philippines thing done before the day ends. Tagal na nito, man.
• First night at the new office with the old sleeping cushion. It's almost 4am on this update. Obviously I can't sleep well. Alarm is set on 7am anyhow.
• Added links to Kei's blog (which isn't updated at all), and his GF Odie's blog.


• Accompanied Jojo to Mang's Pitshop to get some paint for his toys.
• Went home early and slept. Tagal naman ng recharge process na `to.
• Spraybombed Les' KE (Knights Exemplar) and my IFP (Iron Fang Pikemen).
• Finished all the purple and whites on the KE captain (White Noise ~ Studio 23)


• Came in goddamn late. Tangena, bahala na. Will go home as scheduled later at 5pm.
• Finished the Review Philippines stuff na. Time to work on the GMANews.TV images I need to do (it's expected tomorrow but what the heck).

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Week Six


• I've been moved out of my comfy frathouse I-pad and up with one half of the webteam in the old GSS office. Mainit tangena! Like Jio said, I need to reclimatize to my new environment.
• All my stuff was crammed into a brown box. Now I really need to fix the house tomorrow. I need space to put all my stuff from the office at home. Yeah, more of those stackable crates would be nice. And a monobloc table. And a hammer.


• Bought lotsa stuff today. I'm anticipating a truckload of my old stuff from work. This will take me all week.
• Finished painting my Greylords today. I'll be putting some Escalation freehand on those capes tomorrow.
• I also put in my frontage markers on several models.
• Added some patches of snow and grass on my otherwise crappy grey rubble bases. Looks nice. Will continue with this treatment for the rest of my Khador.


• Organized what's supposed to be my workdesk. Did many updates on QTV and GMAPinoy.
• Got oriented with equipment and accountability at work. Nice organized direction we're taking.
• Bought lotsa DVDs with Nelz on our lunch trip. Will be back soon ^_^
• No freehand on my Greylords yet. Did general work on Widowmakers. Planned on cleaning up old Juggernauts. Will take the bambini on Bloodletters real soon.


• Quality time ^_^
• Went to Cubao and had myself fitted for a barong and some slacks. Hopefully I'll have enough cash to buy some new shoes tomorrow as well. And get a haircut.
• Even MORE updates on both QTV and GMAPinoy. But fulfilling. Nice to see some new stuff on those sites.
• Got to set a meeting with Jan for Monday. Hopefully this one will turn out well.
• Check my office ATM for the tax refund. I got P6,666.47 on it. LOL! If people believed that this was the work of the devil, then I'd say there's a good in everyone after all. LOL!


• I'm sick of all this bickering about that damn stampede last Saturday. My stab at it? For me, those who died deserved to die because it's a sacrifice that has to be made to kick all of us Pinoys in our lazy asses. I mean, the poor's only chance of uplifting his life lies on a noontime game show? And before anyone gets all righteous on me, stop. I know how it feels like to have nothing. I've LIVED poor! My mom dragged herself and four kids out of the muck, and we didn't rely on any goddamn game show.

You want something good to happen to your life, you work for it. You make the effort and the sacrifices. If not for your wife and kids and you folks, do it for yourself.

The meek shall not inherit the earth. They become victims. They rely on the "magic" of gaining something out of doing nothing. And thus, as Saturday proved, they get trampled under a goddamn stampede all because everyone started to become greedy. Fucking genie and his fucking three wishes. Fucking instant noodle mentality.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

RHGC 2006

Just came from the General Assembly of RHGC (Rolling Hills Gaming Club). It also doubled as a belated birthday bash for Lito. The original Klasmeyts have stepped down from taking on the club's big responsibilities - real life, it seemed, weighed heavier for most of us.

In place of Ricky, long-time veteran, Freddie Yu, became the club's new chairperson. With it, Freddie made clear of several points:

• Club activities and records will become more transparent to ALL club members.
• The "gap" caused by the recent friction, will be bridged over.
• The club will focus on various small cells (notably the more popular venues like NG Alabang, NG Galleria, NG Glorietta, Hobby Haven and Pitshop).
• At least one tournament per month will ideally be held, and at small pointage so as to accommodate new players.
• Scheduled tourneys with the venues mentioned.

Personally, the change should be refreshing. I can concentrate on having fun playing, and just help out with as best I can without interfering with work too much. Once a month tourneys should also be good. More time for me to paint my KDL, Necrons and Khador. More time to work on terrain at home. More time to actually work ON my home. Maybe develop my portfolio website, too.

Right now, RHGC has a direction which isn't far from what the original Klass envisioned. I hope more we get more players this year. And everyone enjoys their games more.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


That's it. I'm gonna make me a Slipknot mask of my own. And wear it when I'm working at my desk.