Monday, April 24, 2006

Smells Like Teen Spirit

• Fan service ^_^
• I just copied off an entire folder of old Nirvana MP3s from Sherwin. Good times.
• Worked on my Behemoth yesterday. Now it looks like a Dreadnought from Games Workshop, but it's still good to look at. If we get a Press Ganger locally, I can always buy a new one. No digicam = no pics, sorry.
• Played WM at Hobby Haven and UPCFA. Horrible case of brain-dripping-through-nose, but had great fights nonetheless.
• Got the Spriggan from Alger. When will I be able to use it? Abangan!
• Bloody Havenlink bastards still haven't paid their dues. Why'd you trust them anyway? Never again.
• Painted Gorman. I didn't like how his tubes came out. Will redo them this week.
• Tried to fix the broken sink with Koi. Learned that they'll be leaving for Australia this Monday. House will be quiet again... =(
• Phone still faulty. Hopefully it's just some damned "summer phase" or something.
• Got get cracking back at work. Need to clean up my mess, too.
• Looks like the gate nor the leaks won't be fixed before they leave. I'll have to deal.
• Started Broken Empires.


Broken Empires: The Red Dragon

Unlike his father, Marik was not blessed with nigh-godly battle prowess. The Red Dragon was a formidable opponent, but what set him apart was his guile and intelligence. Marik was Aran's best tactician, and the Wall's downfall was due to the Red Dragon's calculated plans.

Marik had taken many wives in his time. Having many wives was normal among the H'ralial nobility. Some are borne of emotion, others of political maneuvering.

Mira was one of Marik's wives, and with her, it was mutual love that brought them together. And Mira respected the fact of the Red Dragon's position. She knew that she not only shared the man she loved with other women, but she had to share Marik with affairs of state, with the war, and with the people of H'Ral. And despite such hardship, she served as any good and faithful wife did.

Avea was also one of Marik's wives. Similarly, the Red Dragon was drawn to the beautiful lady with genuine affection, but ultimately, it was her family and her family's military support that cemented their bond together. She guarded Marik with fierce jealousy and refused to share him with the other wives.

Lindra was one of Marik's wives who was more of a trophy wife than anything. She was rich and beautiful, and the Red Dragon married her for that. Unknown to the new Emperor of H'ral, Lindra fought her attraction to the young lord. She cared little for the other women in Marik's life but conceded to the fact that it was her social responsibility to act accordingly.

The other women, women of high social standing in H'Ral were also wed to Marik - Lorin, Emikyra, Nelle and many others. Many of them assumed the role of wife to the Red Dragon out of duty, or of elevating one's social stature, or some other agenda. But all of them eventually fell to the magnetic charm that Marik naturally held. And as time went by, they all carried an intrinsic part to play.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Broken Empires

The realm of Eisen has been wracked with wars for many generations. Far to the icy north is the warmonger empire of H'Ral. To the industrial east lies the empire of Isordan. Generations upon generations have passed, and all other countries of Eisen have pledged allegiance to either H'Ral or Isordan.

The tyrant Aran rules H'Ral, who is also called the Great Dragon, attributed to his fierce adherence to martial prowess and unsatiable expansionism. His solitary heir, Marik, the Red Dragon, follows the ideals set upon by his father. Strength in resources, arms and industry as well as absolute loyalty and patriotism are what drives the H'ralial engine.

The Priest King Isorde rules Isordan, under the benevolent guidance of the goddess Aya. Isorde believes that Aran's existence is detrimental to the spiritual growth and safety of all folk of Eisen. Isorde has six sons (Ehron, Friedrich, Zohen, Hels, Yarin and Morin) and one daughter (Francine). Isorde's sons are accomplished warriors and magic-users in their own rights, and his daughter is a faithful follower of Aya.

Between both empires stands the Great Isordan Wall (or simply "The Wall" to most folk). A majestic construct of iron, stone, magic and arcanika, the Wall has withstood countless attacks from the H'ralial Empire. Aran, together with his son, Marik, constantly assail the Wall with an inexhaustible drive to break their enemies' defenses.


The three eldest of Isorde's sons, Ehron, Friedrich and Zohen, are the ones who are assigned to guard the Wall, and are also the ones whose countries suffer the most due to continuing war efforts. The other three, Hels, Yarin and Morin, were granted smaller territories, thus were expected to handle the empire's economical and spiritual needs more (though at times, the younger three are also called to commit forces to man the Wall).

It was autumn when Aran led a massive attack on the Wall, so massive that the royal Isordan family manned the walls at weeks at a time. But the H'ral made attacks so numerous and unpredictable that repairs to the Wall could not be kept up. On the advent of the Wall's breaking, it was then that the sons of Isorde changed the world.

Aran was on the Wall, leading his soldiers from the front and decimating anything and anyone in his path. Winter was already underway when Isorde himself went to meet the Great Dragon on the ramparts himself, accompanied by his sons, Ehron, Friedrich, and Zohen. The battle ensued, and Aran took down the sons and their father by himself. But when the Great Dragon was about to deliver the killing blow to Isorde, Ehron took his blade and beheaded his own father.

The Great Dragon suddenly shook, blood flowing from his eyes. Ehron revealed that they took the extreme sacrifice for the greater good of all of Isordan - they have renounced Aya and pledged themselves to a greater power, one which can rid the land of Aran. Once again, the Shadow has come back to Eisen.

Ehron stood over his father's broken body as the H'ral retreated. Plunging his hand into dead Isorde's chest, Ehron took his heart. One of his soldiers approached Ehron, bearing Aran's sword. Ehron took the weapon and raised it in the air, and those loyal to him shouted out in victory.

And then, the headless body of Friedrich, too, stood. Grasping his own decapitated head by the hair, his soldiers, too, cheered for their lord.

The supposedly dead body of Zohen also stood, and his soldiers cheered as well. Zohen took his father's head in his arms.

Winter snows started to fall harder and harder, and the three Fallen brothers parted ways, heading for their respective kingdoms. What happened next took place a year after the Fall of the Two Emperors. And the whole of Eisen was never the same again.

Monday, April 17, 2006

RHGC blogsite update

AS per Lito's request, I put some work into his portal, which I decided would be better on a blog. Check it out here.

Now on to Mang's site development hehehe ^_^

Saturday, April 08, 2006

C2 Apple Flavor

I fetched my brothers, Koi and Jei, from the airport last night. They'll be staying with me at Tendido, although I don't think I want to ask how long they'll be staying. I'll just enjoy the time with my sibs.

Of course, they came home to a messy house. I hope I find the time to clean up one of these days.

Koi bought Pork's second Ogrun Bokur, Jubay's Hammerfall Dwarves and Jake's Carvolo. He also got me two MOWDC, Gorman and a Marauder warjack. I tried cleaning the Gorman model last night, but I was so exhausted that I woke up with Gorman beside me and the steel brush on my hand! Looks like he won't be appearing on this Saturday's UPCFA session.


Chapter One: Cold Winter

The Greylord Koldun, Sergei Makara, scribed on the final locking rune over the cold iron chest in front of him. The icy blue sigils slowly faded into the air as the koldun blanketed the chest with a heavy black cloth.

"The Kommander wishes to inquire on the status of the cargo, Komrade Koldun."

Sergei bolted, obviously startled. Outside his tent, he noticed the large muscled form of Radu Makarov. The greylord wondered at how the manhunter moved with such silence. It is good that you are on our side, Sergei thought to himself.

The koldun emerged from his tent with a mug of steaming coffee.

"The cargo is ready for transport, Komrade Radu. Give yourself a moment to warm your limbs before heading back out." Sergei motioned the mug to the manhunter.

"My thanks, Honorable Koldun, but I must decline," Radu had his axes drawn, "I have spotted necrotite furnace fires over the hills to the south. It is the Pirate Queen. I have already reported to the Kommander. She wishes us to engage these fiends, lest they get in our way. We must reach Korsk before anyone knows what we are carrying."

Quickly, Sergei stopped two Winterguard who were hauling a canvas-covered mortar. "There is a very important chest in my tent. Carry that with you. Inform Kovnik Andras that that chest is his responsibility. You must, under any circumstance, reach the Port Vladovar station." The two soldiers affirmed stoically and promptly doubled their pace.

"Komrade Manhunter," called Sergei, "What are the Kommander's battle plans?"


"Koldun," Makai Lozar gripped his rune axe in the direction beyond the small hill in front of them, "Pistol wraiths yonder."

"We should intercept them, Komrade Koldun," said Iakshen Borga, "The Pirate Queen may have found out about our cargo company."

"Yes, Komrade," agreed Makai, "They are too numerous to be a chance encounter. I suspect they know what we are carrying."

"Then, by the motherland, we must stop them," Sergei finished as he led the two magziev towards the flanking Cryx force.


The soft white silence left the battlefield, abruptly broken by the thunderous bombards from the Behemoth's cannons. As the smoke cleared, Koldun Sergei saw the Pirate Queen on a hasty retreat. His heart cheered at their victory, but his discipline only allowed him a brief smile.

"Steel yourselves, Komrades." It was Kommander Sorscha. "It was indeed Skarre. And wherever the Pirate Queen may be, the Lich Lord Terminus is never far behind. We may have yet another battle at our hands before we know it."


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hella Funny