Monday, October 22, 2007

WIP 20071022

Just some works in progress. I evidently failed on my last weekly target and finished my IK Alexia instead (plus assembling the Risen and Thrall Warrior). Right now I'm contemplating on painting some more of Kei's and Les' stuff (maybe that other Fell Caller and Kaya).

Call To Arms
I got owned by Doclance's epic Deneghra last Saturday. LOL I'm not gonna make any excuses. I got caught. I'll try better next time. I only got to play against two guys last league Saturday. I hope I can get more games in this week ^_^

Mang's Website
Already laid down the foundations for this one. I hope he takes time off to email me his logo though. Can't proceed well without it since it will dictate the general look and feel of everything on the site. He's still hyped with WMH gaming though. Maybe after CTA, hehe.

My brother, Koi, will be leaving for Australia this evening. As if mom and Babee and Jei leaving wasn't sad enough. I'll be home alone again. Koi's Alone (scary Asian horror) won't help, too. Maybe they'll come back for a visit on Christmas?

Dawn of War
Zero 40K presence these past few days. My Necrons are getting all dusty on the shelves. Crap. Looks like playing the Dawn of War campaign will be my fix for any 40K action.

Shameless Plug
Christmas is just around the corner. And here I am with no side projects. Referrals would be cool, dude. I need the extra cash T_T

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Call To Arms

In addition to the current Escalation campaign, I am also participating in the Warmachine/Hordes Call To Arms league.

Escalation (Pod 2)

Throat Cutter

Opponent: Jeff's epic Stryker
Result: Victory for Kommander Sorscha

Within the Dark Soil
Opponent: Fred's Asphyxious
Result: Victory for epic Vlad

Awaiting schedule matchup vs Mang's Protectorate of Menoth

Call To Arms


Finished Matches
10.12.2007 - Patrick Palma (W), Mike (L), Joel Tiongson (W)
10.13.2007 - Tiny David (W), Cocoy Reyes (W), Ryan Tamayo(W)
10.15.2007 - Arvin Tan (W)

Scheduled Upcoming Matches
10.17.2007 - Mang, Kei Valentin

Unavailable Matches
Laurence Tan

Awaiting Confirmation
Dick Sy, Fluffy Peña, Obi Parcon, Raymund Tesoro
"Any of you guys available to play at Pitshop this week, I'm available for CTA league games so long as it's after office hours."

Weekly Painting Target: Time to show my Khador that I haven't left them unpainted ~ Greylord Ternion, Kell Bailoch, finishes on epic Vlad and Widowmakers

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Weekend Fun Games

Very slow day with very uncomfortable weather. And I still haven't had my laundry done. Was waiting for Fred so we can play our Escalation campaign match, but later in the day he decided to reschedule.

The guys decided to drop by Hobby Haven on the 12th (hopefully they'll still be open by then) for some farewell matches - as sadly, Chicco confirmed that his shop will close by the 15th.

SO since I'm already paid for both the Escalation campaign and the Call To Arms campaign, I just hope my sked would cooperate and let me play.

Here are the results for the games at home (relaxed time limit rules in play):

Game 1
Tiny's Captain E. Dominic Darius victorious over Les' Kaya Wildbourne via victory points in 500 pts Moshpit
- Tiny tries out Darius as warcaster
- Les' big game gamble did not pay off, as he miscalculated distance
- Les' Totem Hunter made its first ever warjack kill (killed one of Darius mini-mine jacks)
- Tiny sees a lot of exploit points in Darius' spells

Game 2
Joel's Warwitch Deneghra victorious over Kei's Grim Angus via forfeit in 500 pts Killing Fields
- Kei tries out Grim Angus as warlock, using a shoot-heavy list
- Kei curses the knockdown effect of Deneghra's Scourge

Game 3
Joel's Warwitch Deneghra victorious over Kim's Hoarluk Doomshaper via forfeit in 500 pts Divide and Conquer
- Kim tries out playing Trollbloods after months of playing just Khador
- Kim clunkered through terrain where Joel took full advantage of his Cryx debuffs

Game 4
Kim's Dark Champion Vlad Tzepesci victorious over Kei's Chief Madrak Ironhide via assassination in 750 pts Divide and Conquer
- Kei surges forward, denying the Khadoran infantry charge
- Kim preps Wind Blast and Blood Legacy on some Doom Reavers and Drakhun FTW!

SIDEBAR: It's nice when your work is recognized. I scanned this off of one of the local journalism publications. Good thing I put my name there on the bottom of the screen LOL. Makes working more enjoyable ^_^

Thursday, October 04, 2007

BER Months

What the hell have I been doing all this time?!?

- Angela celebrates her birthday today!
- My sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl! (Mama: Dapat ikaw may baby na rin diba?)
- My folks are here from Australia; my Mom, Koi, Jei and Babee
- GMANews.TV nominated as semifinalist on the 10th Philippine Webby Awards!
- Koi bought me two boxes of the GW Woods. Put together one set for immediate home use. Set aside the other for Arvination.
- Les hoards more Menoth and Circle stuff at home. Very little progress since the folks are at home (dislike spraybomb fumes)
- Small farm partnership biz in Batangas already green light
- Organized backup CDs at work
- Pork gets Mando's LOE assembly done in record speed!
- Lito's RHGC forum closing down soon. Already setup another forum for community use.
- Hobby Haven will also close down soon T_T
- Koi brings home his heavy duty arcade controller for the PS2! Jun! Laro raw kayo ni Kei ng SF Alpha 3! LOL!
- Guitar Hero madness at home! My brothers got into NORMAL mode faster than I did! Babee also on NORMAL now! Don't worry, Kei, your guitar controller isn't broken. Much. LOL~!
- Koi and Jei let me borrow their Cybershot digicam! Woohoo! More pics soon!
- Mang to hold Call to Arms WMH campaign on the 20th! No time limit guys! But you go high up the ladder the more games you play! Coins on the line, too!
- Playing in Mang's Escalation campaign Pod 2! Won my first campaign game a few days ago vs Jeff's Cygnar!
- Raf came and got me some "Japanese entertainment!" Kamote, hindi man lang tayo nagkita, nagninjavanish ka na!
- Got to go to Trinoma for the first time!
- Got to watch Rogue Assassin at Trinoma theaters! It was a stupid experience. Just justified why Pinoys SHOULD by pirated DVDs instead!
- Jun got me some Dawn of War installers! Just installed the first one and playing through the campaign now.
- Connie got to have my Maxim mag signed by Francine Prieto ^_^
- Found the quested Battlechasers and Shanna CBR files on my computer! At long bloody last!
- DVDs watched: Conspiracy, Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix, Eye 10, LSATSB, Ace Ventura, Ace Ventura When Nature Calls
- Doing a lot of progress on the Kingdom of Loathing bounty hunter outfit run (if you call 9 filthy lucre progress); will ascend as soon as I complete the bloody outfit!

Still very sluggish updating the rest of my sections here.