Thursday, December 21, 2006


Looks like another year's about to come to an end. 2006 has been a very good year for me. I've been blessed with many new friends, had many nice games, improved on my painting and achieved some dreams.

Things are looking better at home. At least superficially. I don't know if things will ever be ironed out there, but I hope they do. Years have swept all the anger and hate under the proverbial rug evidently. Well, to them at least. I guess what transpired years ago left an indelible mark on me (yeah it's been a years old grudge), but I have always carried myself with civility around the whole thing. I do wish they don't sell off the house. But I guess I should be looking for alternatives in case they do.

Work is definitely rewarding. That Webby Award the team got inspired me a great deal! All I need to do is wait for the folks to get back to Brisbane and I can settle in back to my work mode ^_^ (Don't get me wrong, I enjoy coming home from work to my folks at home; kinda weird though since I'm known to spend days at a time at the office LOL).

WARMACHINE Philippines has been on a steady growth. I'll be redoing the WMPH ranking for 2007 and making a stand-alone blog for my Khador force. I've got my painting scheme down and will continue to use it for the rest of my future painting. Khador will definitely be my priority, with Trollbloods as a break project ^_^

I'll be playing more 40K and WFB this year. With Hobby Haven and UPCFA as active venues (active for both PP and GW games), I'll be sharpening my dulled Warhammer skills this 2007. I'll be working on some Black Templars side by side with my Necrons. I'll also be doing up my Khorne Daemonic Legion together with my Vampire Counts.

I'll also be studying 3d this year. I've already bought an... *ahem* installer which I'll be installing within the day. Hopefully I can get some tutorials online (Kei will be a definite held here ^_^).

I might be taking up on that World of Warcraft CCG as well. I'll look more into it first though. Arvin demo'ed the game to me yesterday, and I can pick one up easy. The game's pretty straightforward though. But it'll be a real drain on resources. Then again, what hobby isn't, right? I just hope I get a nice hero on that starter I'll pick LOL!

Friday, December 08, 2006

9th Webby Awards Philippines - Best Site for MEDIA

Francine, me, Randy and Amita

The GMANews.TV team

Francine Prieto with the news team gfx guy

I don't know who these other two chicks are, but they're for Globe, and they're pretty hot

I started my professional career as a web developer. That was six years ago. And yeah, I started out with VERY little knowledge about the whole HTML thing. But because of the nudging of a very good friend, Jun Visda, it became an indelible part of my life.

And now after all these long years, jumping from company to company, team to team, I've finally landed my first Webby BEST SITE award!

And yeah, Francine Prieto certainly made the win even more worth the while!


The bands that performed were awesome ~ DNA Rock, Helen and Join The Club! Will be looking out for their CDs soon!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Brass Balls Anyone?

This will be the local WARMACHINE league that I'll be joining this December. Hopefully I can squeeze time for it as I'll be expected to game against 7 different guys with just one list before the year ends.

If the fight is easy, you're not challenging up the ladder!

Reflections of the real world

My younger sister's gonna get married this month. That's why my family came back over here in the Philippines. Kinda like a semi-reunion/wedding celebration/vacation/christmas/new year thingy all in one kablam. My brothers are already staying with me in Tendido. Hopefully we don't make too much of a mess that we can't clean up before mom and dad gets home.

Water's finally fixed. But there's a new leak near the fridge area. Need to fix that, too. Now where are they gonna stay at home? The old queen-sized bed is bloody broken. And my brothers need to share the sala outside. I hope my mom's plan of buying new stuff at home pushes through. Ah well...

Need to move all of my hobby stuff somewhere. I don't think all of that can fit in my lightless room. But I need to take care of that problem before they arrive next week.

I also need to get to painting more. Work's been keeping me hella busy the past few. I plan on playing Arv's Brass Balls league and get back to playing more WFB and 40K regularly as well. I plan on playing more frequently at HH and Fortress, too.

So much to do, so little time.