Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pit Fight

Excerpts from the journal of Kyril Nedeljakov, Iron Fang Pikeman:

I was flogged today, for questioning the Kommandant's orders. I was punished for my disapproval at our loss earlier at the hands of the trollkin chieftain, Ironhide. But I ask myself, was my discontent not justified? Not only did the Kommandant allow our Juggernaut to be destroyed by the enemy dire troll, but he has ordered retreat when we vastly outnumbered our foes. I was flogged because I made myself heard. There is little room for doubt for whoever serves the Motherland. But I happily accepted my punishment despite my inward search for reason.

Not long after I was unlashed, Iron Fang Kapitan Andreas ordered me to take up arms and drill until dawn. I was indeed honored, for my battle brothers offered to join me, and carry the burden of punishment, even though they were not at fault. Even more so honored was I when Kapitan Andreas himself joined the rank, too.

On the fifth hour, I did notice Kommandant Irusk himself make his regular rounds around camp. He stopped, and observed our pike attack forms, our formations and defense. I remember he only stood there for a moment, but it seemed much longer.

There is no room for doubt nor questions in the hearts and mind of soldiers. There is only undying loyalty and honor in combat. The Kommandant said nothing. But his presence there made me understand everything. My place is not to question my betters. My place is to serve the Motherland. My place is to fight for the Motherland. And if need be, my place is to die for the Motherland.

500 points Khador scenario: Pit Fight
Kei's Madrak Ironhide victorious over Kim's Kommandant Irusk
Kei won by objective, rendering my Juggernaut broken in the middle of the objective area. DTM FTW!
There were bad dice rolls and bad tactics on my part, but whether it's by an inch or a mile, winning's winning. Hat's off to you, dude. You're one of the big boys now. The rest of the boyz will be expecting a lot from you from now on ^_^

Fortune favors the guy at the opposite end of the table
- Missing ALL five attacks (two basic and three from FOC) from MAT 7 Superiority Juggernaut against DEF14 Trollblood Champions

Monday, July 30, 2007

Kim's Gaming place

- Finished painting all five Man-O-War Demolition Corps ~ surfaced with clear gloss and Testor's Dullcote
- Finished painting Man-O-War Drakhun ~ awaiting basework
- Basecoated Ogrun Bokur ~ primed with Mr. Metal and Bosny flat black
- Started painting Doomreavers ~ primed with Mr. Metal and Bosny flourescent flat white; started on flesh work (P3 Midlund Flesh and Citadel Flesh Wash) and some of the red armor (GW Blood Red)
- Continued the terrain corner pieces ~ attached big rocks using wood glue
- Started on 12" diameter hill ~ wood glued 1" thick styrofoam on shaped plasticard (very very hard, even with a scriber); will be borrowing the styrocutter from Arvin; deciding on how much slope to put on the hills
- Assembled Swamp Gobbers, Totem Hunter, Alten Ashley and second Fell Caller for play ~ Greco already dried up (need to buy new bottle)

- I only have one table, but I try to make it pretty with a black cloth and terrain
- I'll be making WMH-compatible terrain, since they work well with 40K and WFB, too.
- Will be working on the woodland terrain as soon as I finish the hills, so only lots of rocky outcropping terrain at home for now
- Borrowed digicam from Kei, hope he remembers to bring the USB cable so I can upload on the computer

- Very sluggish Summer Rampage gaming
- Playtesting a lot versus Kei and Trollbloods

Using Epic Vlad (My 2nd 750pt game)
- This guy is awesome even without Assail warjacks
- As long as you can moderate the damage he takes, not only does he bump up on his stats, he gets extra focus, too
- Blood Legacy for the kill ~ Drakhun even without Pegasus mode WILL kill, bounding Manhunter will kill, POW10 + 3d6 rifles on RAT10 Widowmakers will kill
- Render his infantry useless so that his Blood Legacy can't hit many key units
- He'll be camping on FOC for Transference, very annoying

Using Sorscha with heavy Advanced Deployment
- Very nice potential for abuse, unless the opponent goes first and knocks off the Bokur in one go LOL
- Forcing the opponent to engage you, since he can't pretty much run away as well
- Widowmakers, Eiryss and Kell Bailoch to snipe off key opponent solos or unit leaders ~ Already proven their snot worth, sniping off a whole Bile Thrall unit
- AD bash boys ~ Manhunter with Bokur, Doomreavers (sure bring on the Deathjack anytime)
- Crucial positioning with Doomreavers, because of their dumb Abomination ability ~ scared off Kell Bailoch a lot of times because of mispositioning
- Force Sorscha to Icy Gaze early, and hopefully weather the storm
- Feora would pretty much own the AD components with an early feat

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer Rampage Week 2

So I'm on the second rung on the ladder. I should try to put in more games for the Summer Rampage but I also want to play some more 40K and WFB (What can I say, I'm bad at selling stuff). I also want to try playing other miniature games like Confrontation and Infinity. Ah well, maybe some other time.

I've gotten the painting bug and have done nothing but paint my minis as soon as I get home. I'll be finishing the two remaining Man-O-War Demolishers by Saturday. Then get to work on the Drakhun. Looks like I'll be playing with a warjack this Saturday after all. And by the look of things, the Shell Shock scenario should play out interestingly.

Stupid me forgot to buy the Ogrun Bokur at Fortress yesterday. I should have gotten it along with the P3 paint loot. I hope Arvin can fix that problem.

New folks are dropping by my humble little Karmic Backstab. Muchas gracias!

Damn. I wanna go home and paint.

Kei updated his blog. Check it out here.

(7/20/2007) Evidently I won't be playing any SR games this Saturday. The boyz will be huffing along UPCFA, our old haven, and engage in some cooperative terrain-making stuff with the other boyz there. I guess I can tag along and play some fun games there.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer Rampage Week 1

SUMMER RAMPAGE officially started last Saturday at Hobby Haven. I was up for some games but I was a bit apprehensive because I know I won't perform well in the campaign due to work responsibilities. It's July and it's SONA month. Plus there's some major disagreement in Basilan which had to do with some soldiers being chopped up, literally. So, I'll just prop up some fun lists here and there and give my opponents hell.

I played using Irusk last Saturday. Irusk with a Behemoth. And it was stupid. I know all of you may have different opinions about it, but for me, it was stupid. It was such a points sink. I would have preferred playing with many other models. It did a lot, and was bloody accurate with his twin mortars, but it will be the last time you'll be seeing me play him at 500 points. It's not fun playing with a list wherein you're too forced to do stuff, and that's what happened in my two games last Saturday despite my wins. A Kodiak or a Juggernaut would have been much better.

Since I can't go for Rampages or any such stuff, I'll go for boasts instead. Boasts and bounties. To hell with warjacks. I'm using infantry at 500 and 750. And I'll be bringing ALL my stuff, too. So that I can bring whatever list that I want. That would be more fun for me than using that bloody fatass Behemoth.

SR Game 1: Kim's Kommandant Gurvaldt Irusk victorious over Emp's Pirate Queen Skarre
- MOWDC total the Deathjack on the charge!
- Sniper crew from hell obliterates the whole 6-man Bile Thrall unit
- Inhospitable Ground screws up Emp's diskarte
- Emp concedes, after aggro-ing a Skarre bomb, but short on distance

SR Game 2: Kim's Kommandant Gurvaldt Irusk victorious over Pork's Ashlynn D'Ekysse
- MOWDC waste time by chasing around Eiryss
- Behemoth does very well with twin bombards!
- Kim wins via VP at end of time limit

WTF no boasts or bounties! What lameness! LOL! Until next time, I'll field better then!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


HEYWASSUPMYNIGGAZINDAHAWZY'ALL?!? You are cordially invited to be a part of the 2nd exhibit of WeeWillDoodle!

- All new original art from the WWD gang!
- Collabs with other great artists, friends, my lola and my yaya!
- Great myuzik!
- Cool stuff you can buy (Hint! Hint!)

Join us and unleash the raw power of your imagination (tsaka ansarap ang amoy ng markers! Masaya yon)!

July 20, 2007. 7 PM at the Fart Gallery K1 corner Kd streets Kamuning, QC

With ambient noise supplied by: Electronica Manila! Project Fusion! The Red Hot Chili Peppers (joke lang yung huli)

Come bwisit us online at

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pass It Forward

- My laundry bill was 300 Php so I paid with a 500-peso bill. While they had it changed, the manang there (yeah I've been a client of that laundromat for years and I STILL don't know their names) shared a sob story of sorts. It seemed that her nephew got into an incident with some stranger's dog (scratched the child's face). The poor kid had to go to several sessions with the doctor which basically cost around 1,200 Php per session; which had to run for five sessions. And the dog's owner evidently had the nerve NOT to give for the child's treatment. When my change finally arrived, I just handed it over to the manang, just to help out with whatever. She was happy about it so it's all good. Good deed for the day, yeah?

- Found out that there's a Smokey's hotdog stand in the canteen now! Spent over 100 Php for two sandwiches today (had a late lunch) but for sure I'll be a regular there.

- Found a use for the broken CDs at home. They're now scenic bases. Hey, if people don't mind models on round bases, surely only asses would mind my scenic bases on perfectly round CDs. Painted them following the same base scheme as my Khador army -- greys to tipped white, with patches of green grass and white snow. Barby helped, too, made one. As of last night, I have four Rocky Outcropping terrain pieces, and a Ruined Corner terrain piece; all complete and ready for gaming. Will be finishing that Khador Outpost project soon, plus three more Ruined Corners. Am also looking into how to make Woods.

- Assembled and basecoated my Drakhun. Also reassembled my Behemoth. Hopefully I can include them in the upcoming Summer Rampage campaign. I'll be painting it up later when I get home, which should be done before the weekend.

- Tried my hand at making an SQL database for WARMACHINE Philippines. My co-worker and our resident programmer, Randy Valencia, has been a TREMENDOUS help in this undertaking. I've already studied up on the basic PHP stuff, but I feel I should learn database interaction through an expert. Which I did. Kim = happy developer ^_^

Monday, July 02, 2007

Diablo 2

I've been playing Diablo 2 for quite some time now. Going back to old school games like this has been pleasant. I went for a Necromancer who excels in summoning. Instead of wading into combat like other characters, I stood back and let my minions do the work. To compliment the whole thing, I set up my character with Topaz-slotted items, so that I get nifty item drops. Like I said, it has been pleasant.

Until I had to fight Diablo.

Bastard breaks all my minions easy with that blasted ring of fire EVERY TIME! I port back down to previous acts just to build up my Skeleton Warriors only to have them obliterated faster than I can bat an eyelash when Diablo engages them. Indeed, an exercise in futility.

My tactic then would have to level up before going against him; adding more points on Resist or Golem Mastery (just so the Golems can get to hit him before evaporating). But at level 34, that's goddamn hard.

Good thing Kei talked me into the Zeal-build Paladin (Zealadin to some), where a fast-attacking Paladin would plow through wave after wave of beasties. I just started the Paladin earlier. Now I'm at 13th-level with Zeal. And yeah, I can't wait to get back to Diablo.