Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Got to start my Mini City today and it's grown quite significantly. Thanks to everyone who took the bother to click the link and see my starting city. It would be appreciated if you check back to it once every so often, as its growth is dependent on how many viewers it gets on a daily basis.

If you make your own, let me know. I'll include that on my Minicity visit list. ^_^

Here's Larkin Vain's Larkinvaindia. Let's build up his Minicity, too ^_^

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


• Self-teaching myself Adobe After Effects 6
• Looking at learning (seriously learning) PHP and 3DS Max
• Still painting Larkin Vain's Sea Dogs
• Playing Rune Factory on NDSL
• Got Francine Prieto loot (no DVDs T_T, Connie/Jillian, kayo na bahala ha?)
• Photobucket unblocked at work (Yey!)
• Working on new Photoessay for Joe Galvez (used more stylized application for Flash on this one)
• Abusing FM radio capability of phone

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dau Raid

The boyz were planning to have a road trip to Dau for some airsoft supplies, and after some weather interference and last-minute change of plans, only five of us pushed through: me, Arvin, Pork, Obi and Jake. The supposed trip was supposed to be short, but between the five of us, stops for food and CR needs made the trip longer. Weather was drizzly cool and traffic was, according to Jake, "why couldn't all roads be like this?!?"

All of us got storage implements in one form or another: Pork got a metal ammo case, I got a heavy-duty backpack, Obi got a Ryu-style duffel bag, Arv and Jake got bags for carrying their WARMACHINE models with. They also got other phat lootage for the others who couldn't make the trip.

Went straight to Greenhills and played some WARMACHINE at Fortress right after the raid.

Jake's Brisbane played against Marlo's Vlad: Jake managed to reduce a lot of Marlo's forces, but failed to take down the Dark Prince with surging Blood of Kings. Marlo victorious in 500 points Assassination.

I got to play using Irusk and the Iron Rain theme against Pork and his Ashlynn (who is longing for some tabletop game action). Inhospitable Ground effectively forcing Pork into a slow offensive. Spriggan's Flares and Winter Guards' Mark Target make for more effective Mortar shooting, taking out a Mule's cannon arm early in the game, while two units of Greylords made for jack traffic control. I managed to take down several elements from Pork's force piece by piece while staying away via Inhospitable Ground. Ashlynn reduces Irusk to 4 damage with fancy shooting and spellcasting, but rendering herself unguarded. Irusk under his own Undying Loyalty bonus takes the mercenary warcaster down for an assassination victory in 500 Divide and Conquer.

Boyz take dinner at Le Ching before closing time at Fortress. Kei and Les do a raid of their own, taking home an HD widescreen and a cordless Guitar Hero guitar.

A few pics on my Multiply site.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


New year, late post. What else is new? LOL!

I got to play two games using epic Butcher the past week. He did not disappoint. Plus I got to play with two of my warjacks, too -- the Behemoth and the Kodiak. The Doomreavers, being Orsus' elite cadre, delivered problems to Kei and his Grim Angus. I got to win Killing Fields via objective because of the Doomreavers' elite cadre ability. Against Fred's Iron Lich Asphyxious, I got to his caster in Mosh Pit with two Doomreavers and the Drakhun with Feel The Hate! I will be painting him up as soon as I finish Larkin Vain's Sea Dogs.

I also plan on applying for Press Ganger this year. I'll either be getting the Cryx starter or the Merc starter. Arvin says that we should get the Menoth and Cygnar starter, as was also posted on the Privateer Press site. Well, that would depend on what I'll be working on this year.

I'll be demo'ing and playing Anima Tactics as well. The stuff is already on its way here.

Me and the boys are still looking at Flames of War and Heavy Gear Blitz. More on this soon!

Luigi has been pimping a lot of the new Vampire Counts and it's getting tremendously hard to resist! I guess I can wait for the army book to be released first before getting anything. Zombies suck now. Unless you get that awesome new Corpse Cart. Temptation... strong...

Tiny also started with a Dragonlance campaign. Kei is playing a human rogue, no surprise there. I'm playing a human fighter (again no surprise) but with two daggers. I was hoping to go for the assassin prestige class later on, but found out I have to be evil to do that (and I have little inclination to veer off my true neutral alignment). Fred got to join on our second week as a half-orc barbarian. More updates on this soon!

Lots of changes at work. Most of it not fun for me T_T I'll just have to keep myself busy.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Blood for the Blood God

I got to play with my Khorne Daemonic Legion again last Saturday at the RHGC Summoning at RHGC HQ, hosted by Lito Tan. There was a good turnout of WFB players from all over, and the fun games were started with an informal tourney-style pairing.

I got to play against Jojo, a Bretonnian player from the South. His list was pure cavalry, no infantry at all. And his approach was textbook ~ he had his main Knights of the Realm units in the middle, charging my units and holding them, while the flanking Grail Knights deliver the crushing blow.

The Bloodthirster was phenomenal, crushing anything in its path. I tried a similar flying pincer with the`Thirster and my other flying Exalted Daemon. I guess it kind of worked as they charged from key positions on the Bretonnians' rear.

The Grail Knight's flank charge on my Bloodcrushers was met with disappointment (for my opponent at least), as the Khorne cavalry took only a few wounds and stood their ground.

Despite a mutual mistake on rules for Terror, I managed to win via Massacre on a Pitched Battle scenario.

Since I will head the Grand Tournament for this year, I'll keep my KDL in check in case there'll be an odd number of participants. WFB may not have a strong following as 40K, but I'll still support it and just give a finger to any naysayer who disses the idea.