Sunday, May 25, 2008

Late Start

Patrick and Mike visit `da Bunker

Attendance: Kim, Kei, Mando, Mike, Patrick

Got to play three games yesterday! Need to practice some more though. Good thing these four will play the CTA2 league! Tiny was a FAIL, as he didn't make it. Again.

Pics and results on the WMPH blog.

I'm getting frustrated with that Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow game on the NDS. Looks like I'll be looking forward to playing some more Hack GU Rebirth on the PS2 instead LOL

Ah well, more to come soon. As Pork would say, abangan!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Warhammer Grand Tournament 2008

It's finally over! And it was a success! It was the first time that I actually moderated a whole GT, and I got to play some Warhammer, too! We had ten participants with a varied representation of the various armies in the Warhammer World. More details here!

My (shamefully unpainted) Khorne Daemonic Legion prepares to face off against Lito's Tomb Kings

My Khorne Daemonic Legion got a last hurrah battle before the arrival of the new Daemons of Chaos army book - I got to fight Lito Tan's Tomb Kings!

My preliminary deployment was about 10 inches from the table edge, as opposed to the usual 12 inches. I decided on this because on the first turn, my units with Frenzy might be baited out too far, especially the Bloodthirster since it has wings, and be left unsupported by the rest of the army. In hindsight, I should have deployed them far out on the 12-inch line since I had them facing the other direction anyway (the usual counter-counter-Frenzy deployment).

Nonetheless, my advance was fortunate. Being throttled by two Screaming Skull Catapults during the Magic Phase AND his regular Shooting Phase is not fun. Relying on the Daemonic Aura for survival was not fun LOL! Good thing the Bloodthirster did not die when it got hit by a scattered Catapult artillery!

Godfather Lito planning his cunning moves

In the end, fortune favored the followers of Khorne! All my die rolls for Daemonic Aura saves were made, and my forces managed to get him into grips by turn three.

At the bottom of turn five, and after my big block of Herald-led Bloodletters survived (and won) a dual charge of a unit of Ushabti and flanking Tomb Guard, Lito concluded the match via forfeit.

Now if only they can perform the same with the new army book~

Tomb Kings bombard the Khorne Daemonic Legion as they advance

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Long Walk

I already experienced this from last year when Mando invited me and Kei to walk with him from Robinson's Galleria all the way to that church in Antipolo. I know that afterwards, I have drenched my shirt in so much sweat and that I can easily walk up from ground floor to 6th floor at work. It was funny because Kei had apparently "written himself into a contract" which he must be forced to comply.

This year it was different. There were a lot of us - Mando, Kei, Papa Jun, Tiny, Sarah (Tiny's sister), Barby and myself. And worse, the shoes I had on had REALLY, REALLY thin rubber soles. Walking around in Galleria, I felt the contour of the ground I walked on. I knew they'd hurt more when we started walking.

And hurt they did.

I was the slowest in pace because each step was excruciating. Foolishly, I trudged onwards without calling the signal to rest. I dunno, maybe I had to prove that despite the pain, I can still push myself onwards.

When we got to Chowking, I was about to agree with Kei to put a stop to the madness and just take a ride there. But when I got rested, I felt I could finish it. I mean, I already finished it last year anyway.

But I did get to finish, painful and numb feet and all.

I could have had a long weekend since I have my off day on Fridays and Saturdays -- would have been Thursday all the way to Saturday with me just gaming at Fortress and/or Galleria. The pain with each step put a quick and harsh end to that.

Pics on my Multiply page here.