Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For the Motherland!

A checklist of sorts for my Warmachine:


Butcher of Khardov - Assembled, based and primed. Reprimed November 2006 with Bosny Red. Currently undergoing development. [August 2007] Painted and varnished.
Kommander Sorscha (starter box version) - Painted late 2005. Due for Prestone bath and repaint.
Kommander Sorscha (Alternate pose) - WISHLIST!
Vladimir Tzepesci (original pose) - WISHLIST! (Although I'm not sure if I really want to add him on my wishlist or not. Such a sucky pose)
Vladimir Tzepesci (Katrina version) - Painted mid 2006. Due for Prestone bath and repaint.
Kommandant Irusk - Painted early 2006. Gloss-based.
Kommander Karchev - WISHLIST!
Old Witch and Scrapjack - Assembled, based and semi-painted. Need more highlights on freehand. Fully-painted and good for gaming. One of the Scrapjack's crows keep falling off due to transport though.
Epic Sorscha - Assembled, based and semi-painted. Need to pin hands.
Epic Vlad - Unassembled in blister. Primed.
Epic Butcher - WISHLIST!

+++ UNITS +++

Battle Mechaniks - WISHLIST! Need 3 Head Mechaniks and 15 Assistant Mechaniks for max FA! [0/18]
Iron Fang Pikemen - WISHLIST! Have 1 IFP Sergeant and 5 Pikemen that are assembled, based and primed. Need 1 more IFP Sergeant and 13 Pikemen for max FA! [6/20] IFP and UA reprimed with Bosny Red. Undergoing development.
Man-O-War Shocktroopers - WISHLIST! Need 4 MOWST Kapitans and 16 Shocktroopers for max FA! [0/20]
Doom Reavers - WISHLIST! Need the boxed set with 1 Lieutenant and 5 Reavers for max FA! [0/6]
Widowmakers - Assembled, based. Two models painted, two partially painted. Will give them Khadoran red scheme. Due for Prestone bath and repaint. [4/4]
Winterguard - WISHLIST! Have the box with 1 Sergeant and 5 Guardsmen unassembled in box. Need 2 more Sergeants and 22 more Guardsmen for max FA! [6/30]
Greylord Ternion - WISHLIST! Have 1 Koldun and 2 Magziev assembled and painted. Will give them Khadoran red scheme. Due for Prestone bath and repaint. Need 1 more Koldun and 2 more Magziev for max FA! [3/6]
Iron Fang Unit Attachment - Unassembled and unpainted in box [2/2] Primed with Bosny Red. Undergoing development.
Kossite Woodsmen - WISHLIST! Need 2 Sergeants and 18 Woodsmen for max FA! [0/20]
Man-O-War Kovnik - Have 1 partially painted and converted. Must redo to reflect ruling (???). Need 1 more for max FA! [1/2]
Manhunter - Assembled and painted. Reglued arms. Repaint on eyes and skin needed (???) [1/1]
Winterguard Mortar Crew - One Gunner fully painted and gloss based (good for gaming). One Gunner and 2 Crewmen need of repaint. [4/4]
Iron Fang Uhlans - One Kapitan and two Uhlans under development. Need two more Uhlans for max FA!

Note: Must update Superiority models into this list.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My 100

+++ Here's my take at 100

001 - I go for P40 haircuts at my regular barbershop, but I tip whoever's cutting my hair P20.
002 - I abhor beggars. I don't give those people money or anything. I'll only succeed in making them more dependent on charities instead of working themselves.
003 - I can fly in my dreams. I am a very good flyer. In D&D terms, I'm on Maneuverability A.
004 - I like rock music. I'm a fan of the music, and not so much on the band members.
005 - Baggy shorts and a cap on my head is my usual attire.
006 - Some of my office mates call me "Fluffy".
007 - On any console game, I prefer Suikoden and Front Mission over any Final Fantasy.
008 - I had my left ear pierced. But earrings just are not for me so I let those close up.
009 - I started the "trend" to develop the big name shows of GMA primetime (then to others like movies and records) to have Flash. Unfortunately, the only credit I can acquire from that is only through this blog and the source files on backup. Yeah, Encantadia was the one that started it all.
010 - Always comes up with a one-liner that usually elevates to household phrase status. Dont get me started with a sub-list. by Romy Estrella

The original idea for ONE HUNDRED RANDOM THINGS about yourself came from April on her Coffee Cups. Unfortunately, I can't rile my brain for something useful to pimp myself. So, coming from a chat with Romy, I figured I'd rather have people say ONE HUNDRED RANDOM THINGS about me. So, just post a reply here til I get my hundred ^_^

Sunday, August 27, 2006

If not too busy, it's too sick

Yeah, this past week has been horribly sluggish. Everyone's sick. Right now, my muscles and joints are in damnable annoying pain. I haven't been updating KB much because I'm putting a lot of effort on side projects and WMPH (which is btw a year old already woohoo! Check out WMPH here).

I've been bloghopping more than updating my own blog. April also moved her blog onto Blogspot. Check out her Coffee Cups blog here. I've also been looking at other strangers' blogs. Sadly, not all are receptive of me and my remarks. So, onto bigger and better things.

WM games are now as exciting as WM painting. If I can I wish I can take a week or two off just so I can play, paint and make terrain. So I guess someone should teach me how Lotto works then LOL!

I also got to finish several side projects. I hope they give me more referrals on a later date. In the same sense, I also managed to design my own business card (finally!). With Nelz' example, I got Emp to print those out on photo paper. Came out pretty nice actually (me happy).

I REALLY need to spend more time at home and clean that place up, too.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Week Thirty-Three: KB

I guess we were too early when we got to UPCFA. The hangar was closed. But it was weird since it was already 1pm then and it was still closed. So off to Hobby Haven we go for our Warmachine gaming. Chico and SJ already put up their solid structure for the mezzanine. They said when it gets done, all tabletop gaming will go there, and computer gaming will cover the whole ground area. Too bad the players there did not seem to be interested in playing against us.

I'll be painting some more once I free up my other projects. Superiority will be coming out soon and I still have my Hordes to look forward to.

+++ Monday
+++ Need to finish PEMSEA so I'll just ignore all the self-righteousness floating all around me. What a fucked up way to start the week. Will go home later to get laundry and do some painting.

+++ Goddammit! Didn't get to go home! Decided to go home tomorrow morning instead.

+++ Finished PEMSEA updates, although I feel there will still be more updates on the way.
+++ Tried PSing Dire Troll Mauler card. Dunno why though.
+++ Drew up a 500-point Khador list using the Old Witch. Maybe I can try this out on Saturday.
+++ Will play 2k WFB using my KDL against Obi's O&G on Saturday. Don't forget to bring the serokskopi of the old O&G army book.
+++ Enjong Yahoo! Launchcast.

+++ 8/16/2006 10:22pm
+++ Did major work on Old Witch. Army list drawn up, too, for 500 points.
+++ Serious fun with hairdryer. Upgraded method of painting ^_^
+++ Brought Dungeoneer. Most probably it's gonna end up with Alvin.
+++ Tried to fit in KDL with Khador. Will need serious planning. Raincheck on WFB on Saturday. Back to regularly scheduled WM programming.
+++ More revisions on PEMSEA. Will finish it all tonight.
+++ Stupid me forgot my ID at home.
+++ Karmic Backstab turns one year old. Woohoo! Small victories ^_^

+++ 8/18/2006 8:34am
+++ Tangena andaming arte, andaming reklamo! Kung mahirap magsulat, e di ilipat mo yung sinusulatan! O kaya iurong mo yung nakaharang! Punyeta!
+++ Tapos na ito mamaya!
+++ Slowass Friday, so I got around to do my 100:

001 I have this thing for balance, so I love my friends and hate them at the same time.
002 I have worked as web developer, graphics artist and Flash developer since I started working.
003 I did not finish college nor do I plan to. I abhor the current education system.
004 I love God but hate his priests.
005 I used to dance in a group. Group got hired to perform for some school project and a friend's debut.
006 The band, Slipknot, taught me many good things, despite their appearances.
007 I used to like the number 7. Now it's just another number to me.
008 Eight symbolizes infinity, so I think this number's cool.
009 In cards, drawing the nines represent very good fortune. Especially the nine of hearts. So I kinda like this number, too.
010 I was an ace student back in the day in a computer lab class where the teacher was a known "terror". Not to me.
011 I hoard weird stuff like a compulsive dragon.
012 I paint and play with miniatures in a pretend wargame.
013 My workdesk is goddamn messy.

+++ to be continued...

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Thirty-first Week

Boyz were in Emp's car after UPCFA session, talking about some TV series:

Kim: Why the hell would I wanna watch that?
Fluffy: Ayus yun, dude. Maraming cute chick dun.
Pork: ANO?!? CUTE JAKE?!?
Kim: Tangena naman Pol e...

Insane laughter follows ^_^ Kung ano man pinagagawa nyo, Pol, ni Jake pag sabay kayong nawawala, gah.. idontwanttoknow!!! AHAHAHAH!!!


• Major revisions to the PEMSEA project. Hopefully this one pushes through. I already have deductions because I went past the deadline.
• Bought some el cheapo hair blower/dryer from Cubao. It should help me dry up painting time for some projects, especially basecoats.
• Readied my Khorne Daemonic Legion. Need to read up on 7th edition. Juggernauts next on workbench.
• Bought Hoarluk Doomshaper. This is the very first model I took enough effort to drill and pin. And then sculpt up the gaps with epoxy putty. I already did some initial work on his scenic base. Hair blower works like a charm, setting up the Semco black easy.
• Bought Reinholdt. Still unassembled and unpainted. Irusk misses his old pal. Still stumped as to what color scheme to paint him. Awed by Emp's work on his Reinholdt. Freehand patches on an old jacket! Very nice touch!
• Set up my bigger carry case for miniatures. Now I can trasport my WFB and WM minis together ^_^
• Drew up a future Skorne infantry list. I'm sorry I can't help it. It's the red. Makeda (64), Cyclops Savage (62), Titan Cannoneer (115), Acuarii - Primus + 5 Cataphracts (127), Cetrati (64), Cetrati (64) ~ 496 all in all (wallet wincing in pain already LOL). This happens after I complete my Trollbloods though ^_^

More updates soon! Abangan LOL!


Banner gift for Garr:

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Weekend Gaming

Steamroller 2. Bloody hard. Bloody fast games, too.

I playtested my planned Trollblood "army", playing it against Fred's Asphyxious in 500 points of Assassins. I wanted to see how those would do against a fast army like Cryx. Surprisingly, Hoarluk's feat proved to be a bane against Asphyxious' feat. I used it when Asphyxious was getting too close for comfort. Fred responded by casting only Shadow Wings and engaging my warlock in combat (taking on 4 damage in the process). With several hefty swings from his Gnarlroot, Hoarluk rendered the lich down.

Even if it was a fluke, I'd still put that 500-point Hordes list together. I'm planning to paint them in a fleshy palette and mar them up with Yakuza-style tattooing. On to Wednesday to meet Raymund and buy his Hoarluk model.

Vlad also proved effective, winning an Assassins against Emp's Long Gunners Caine and a King of the Hill against Pork's Hero-heavy Ashlynn. Vlad was up front, too! No more cowardly tactics for the Dark Prince of Umbrey. Well, not as much as before hweheh! More SR2 games!


Later on, I finally resolved an issue with my D&D gaming group. Technically, they resolved it themselves. It does wonders how I don't need to create conflicts for them since they do it magnificently on their own LOL!

Everyone was "bitin" so to speak, as I ended the session prematurely for them. Despite constant ribbing, I didn't want to ruin the story by just dropping some big boss-level random encounter.

Next week, they'll all experience "the crawl..." BWAAHAHAHAH!!!


Of Warlocks and Honey Mustard Dip
August 2, 2006

I went for a quick snack at the renovated McDonald's in Greenhills. I tried their combo meal - five Nuggets, some Fries and a Coke. Their Honey Mustard sauce was pretty good ^_^ Anyway, I met up with Raymund and bought his Hoarluk Doomshaper. I now have a Hordes warlock. Is this the start to another descent to damnation? Abangan LOL!


I'm goddamn spending too much again. Still no stupid savings. Technically I still have money that I haven't withdrawn from the ATM as of yet. Maybe I should start doing so. I not only bought Hoarluk Doomshaper, but I got me a Reinholdt, too. Irusk better make bloody good use of this little mofo.

There's gotta be a meaning why you wanna introduce me to her? And the best dumbass reply I could come up with was: we have a weird relationship; i treat you like my girlfriend but you're not my girlfriend because basically you have a boyfriend and i have a girlfriend.

As for that other thing that went missing, nah...

m i g h t a s w e l l r a t h e r n o t