Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WIP Khador

Here are some long overdue WIP pics of my Khador models. I'll be posting some more from now on since I got the camera and the battery back.

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emp said...

ayos yung beast na pula man! mukhang regular jack lang.

pang gulo hehehehe.

tanong kay drago:
dun sa pic na may mga kayazy assassins, mukhang pinipinturahan mo ng metal yung buong warjack tsaka mo nilalagyan ng kulay yung armor.

diretso patong ba nung pula o iniitiman mo muna?

shink1m said...

Kasama yun, dude LOL

What jacks do you have? Ah it's a Juggernaut... wait, holyshit, it's Beast-09!

Ayus, diba?

Pork method gamit ko, mukhang kelangan nya ipa-patent yun LOL

1. Basecoat black
2. Drybrush Boltgun Metal (Or any dark metal)
3. Drybrush highlight Chainmail (or lighter metal) for (duh) highlight
4. Paint over directly (which I usually do several thin coats), leaving the drybrushed metal parts exposed (para may instant highlighted metal ka na, diba).

LordHeinrich said...

Hi kim, tell me... how did your brush reach that narrow part...? hmmm.... ei, can you help me out and add my account at the warmachineph? my account is under lordheinrich516@yahoo.com or title is heinrichwars, thanks. btw. can I not deviate on the color scheme? still red. but more of the gold than black?

shink1m said...

Friedrich! Welcome to blogging LOL

Narrow part? Well, with Beast-09, I painted the lower half of the model first (waist and both legs) before assembling on the top part.

I already added your blog on the WMPH blogroll.

As for the color scheme, you can still use whatever scheme you want. I didn't follow the standard gallery scheme on the PP website for Khador. I took the one on No Quarter magazine #1 cover and just took off from there (lots of red, hints of black, softer hints of silver and gold).

Mark Ian said...

nice work sa detailed painting. gusto ko rin sana mag try netong hobby pero mukhang d ko mapapasok sa sched ko, pero in the near future I will be trying these.

Btw, astig yung pagkakalagay mu ng blogroll mo hehe.

Nice knowing this blog. :)