Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sorscha and the Beast

Date: January 23, 2009
Pointage: 500 points Contested Ground
Venue: Fortress, VMall Greenhills
Result: Kommander Sorscha victorious against Grim Angus (Kei Valentin)
It's been a while since I played using pSorscha. Played properly, she can still bring a frown to your enemies' faces. With Kei's Grim Angus, I was juggling between Freezing Grip on the DTE or the Champs. I realized that the Champs may well bring the beatdown to whatever gets in its way, but with the DTE down, that's one less Fury source for his warlock. Timely Icy Gaze froze Grim, the DTE and an Impaler - my setup for charging with Fenris and the Great Bears. Once those were down, Kei promptly gave me the game.

Beast-09's affinity with Sorscha seems redundant at certain times. By the time Beast-09 gets into melee with any opponent, Sorscha would have popped Icy Gaze, cast Freezing Grip or her Greylords would have frozen a solitary model target. But the P+S 19 with Critical Freeze, that's just awesome! I'm still looking for a chance to do a Beast-09 boosted headbutt with Harm, but I guess the axe will pretty much break anything it swats at.

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