Monday, December 22, 2008

My Khador - 2008

I got to read my WARMACHINE Superiority again last night. I liked how those Notable Kompanies struck a nice touch in the Khadoran force. So since I do have a lot of models at home which are in various states of incompleteness , I decided to adapt the Notable Kompanies in my collection.

I have a whole new box of Iron Fang Pikemen which I'll paint up to be the Howling Wolves.

The other unit of Widowmakers will be painted up in the colors of Blood Ravens.

I'll be adding some freehand to my Man-O-War Demolition Corps and make them that Ram kompany (I'm forget their name).

Maybe I'll get another box of Winter Guard and paint them white, too.

Well, since I'm very happy with how my painting and gaming turned out, I'll just continue with it (while I'm waiting for the Koldun Lord and the Khadoran Guard Dog; Great Bears... not so).

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