Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CTA `08 Week Two Aftermath

Fortune has been by my side for the second week now. I've gotten top place for the second week of the Christmas Call To Arms despite the peculiar handicap for me (yeah, I'm used to playing with Eiryss, what can I do? LOL).

My second game was against John "Tiny" David who used Lord Commander Coleman Stryker. Apparently Tiny was still shaking off his rust, as he was grasping at proper application of his new models (the ones he bought off Ryan Tamayo). No Arcane Storm, no early feat. But as always, I do not make it a habit of underestimating my opponents. I took Supreme Kommandant Gurvaldt Irusk for that game. Unlike my old build, I dropped some infantry in favor of a Destroyer, which would be a good candidate for a mobile Fire For Effect firebase. But it was the Battle Lust + Kill Stroke on my Kayazy Assassins that won the game for me. Ventilate death!

My third game was not counted because it was against Tiny again (Kei did not favor gaming against me). I used Orsus Zoktavir and he used his same list. I went for sending eButcher out front as fast as he can, even though I was rolling abyssmally low for his Arcane Dementia. In the end, I went for objective victory, clearing No Man's Land of Tiny's three Storm Lancers.

My official third game was against Dick Sy and his new Circle Orboros army. He fielded Kromac the Ravenous that evening and I used the eIrusk list I had (I did not have time to change lists since I came from Fairview before I went to the game). The maneuverability and speed of that army was blinding. I knew I was going to be outmaneuvered so I opted to bunch up all the squishy models I had within 10" of eIrusk, just so they can benefit from Tough. Another objective win, this time I went for his lone Gnarlhorn Satyr with my Drakhun and some Battle Lust Iron Fang Pikemen while my Fire For Effect Destroyer sent his Druids fleeing.

Good games all in all. Again I hope I can squeeze in time for the CTA games this following week.

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